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What Are Conflict-Free Diamonds?

by Chris W

Diamonds are incredibly rare, and their value reflects this scarcity. However, like any valuable resource, diamonds are highly sought after around the world. This scarcity, combined with the fact that many diamond mines are located throughout war torn Africa, gives diamonds a complicated and violent history. However, there is a current process implemented by over 80 countries, including the United States, which prevents these so called “blood diamonds” from appearing in engagement rings and diamond jewelry across the country. Known as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, it allows conflict-free diamonds to be sold around the world.

Canadian diamonds

Canadian diamonds

What is The Kimberely Process?

As global organizations noticed the rise of blood diamonds in the financing of civil wars across Africa, more and more people called for a process that would eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds around the world.  Sanctions were ineffective, and the United Nations adopted a new process in 2000. Named after the mining town of Kimberely, South Africa, the three step plan intends to end the trade of the blood diamonds used to incite violence and war. The United Nations Security Council approved the KPCS  in January of 2003, and the Kimberely Process receives continued support from the UN since.

How Does It Work?

The Kimberely Process Certification Scheme works to ensure conflict-free diamonds through three key steps. For a country to be considered a member, they must ensure no diamonds mined within the country finance overthrowing a United Nations recognized government. Secondly, every diamond exported must contain an authorized Kimberely Certificate. Finally, diamonds are exported or imported only to countries which follow the Kimberely Process. Diamonds are placed in tamper resistant containers to prevent any possible fraud while they are transported . As a member, the United States is therefore exclusively selling conflict-free diamonds.

Adiamor Only Sells Conflict-Free Diamonds

As an online diamond retailer in the United States, Adiamor only sells conflict-free diamonds. Every diamond we sell is certified to be conflict-free through the Kimberely Process. We ensure diamonds used to make our custom engagement rings and fine diamond jewelry are always legitimate. We thoroughly support conflict-free diamond trade across the globe and supplement our loose diamond inventory with luxurious Canadian diamonds. This ensures that our customers have the best selection of conflict-free diamonds possible. Please visit our Diamond Education center for more information if you have other questions about conflict-free diamonds.

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