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Engagement Ring Comparison: Pave vs. Micro Pave

by Brandi
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Are you looking for the perfect pave engagement ring but are not sure which type would be better? Fret not! We have all the information you need to clear up your confusion.

Pave is one of the most popular and trendy design elements in diamond settings. It comes from the French word “paved,” and you will figure why once you observe this design’s characteristics. It helps add more sparkle to a setting, with all the smaller diamonds that go into a particular jewelry piece, just like several small cobblestones in a pavement.

But often, diamond enthusiasts cannot differentiate between the two types in this design: pave, and micro pave. If your fiancĂ© insists on white gold pave engagement rings, but you don’t how to select the right type for her, then here is what you need to know.

Engagement Ring: What is the Difference between Pave and Micro Pave?

Pave is more metallic, while micro pave is more streamlined and subtle. If you appreciate a more robust ring, then it would be more to your liking. It has more visible prongs and can contain heftier diamonds within it.

You will not find this quality in micro pave, which is more dainty and somewhat delicate. Micro pave also caters to the more budget-conscious buyers because it is not as expensive and yet elegant.

Those who prefer the pave setting adore more pops of color and more sparkle in their rings. They love the bolder appearance pave lends to a piece and the combination of various sized stones. If uniformity doesn’t appeal much to you in your diamond setting, then you will love to pave more because it incorporates stones of different sizes in the band.

Subtlety and daintiness are more of what micro pave gives you. This design category only offers a glint of sparkle and detailing but is not as empowering as its counterpart. It lends more demure and less dramatic appearance to the ring but is utterly beautiful nonetheless.

Perhaps the term micro is a testament to the microscopic craftsmanship that this style requires. Craftsmen who work on micro pave rings have to cut the stones till they are all equal in size and then place them in the band. The most distinctive feature of micro pave is the uniformity of the rocks and their weight as well.

Design Options

You have versatile options in pave and micro pave for your picking. A diamond ring need not necessarily have sparkling streets: you can also ask for halo designs, the ones that surround your centerpiece stone. A micro pave or pave halo engagement ring will feature a sparkling roundabout of diamonds or gems around your center stone.

Pave Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut Center Diamond
Pave Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut Center Diamond

Generally, jewelers use this design element to increase the carat weight to a centerpiece or create a frame for an eye-catching dominant stone in the middle.

Final Thoughts

Pave or micro pave are the two most popular design elements in pave engagement rings. The only differentiating feature between the two is the size and weight of stones, but both styles are beautiful ways of incorporate intricacy and interest into your ring.

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