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How to Reset Your Heirloom Diamond

by Craig

r2940The choice to reset a diamond that has been in your family for generations can be a hard one (especially if it was passed down to you through your husband’s family). But if you want to get some use out of it and you simply can’t stand the current setting, there is a correct way to go about having it reset in order to ensure that it is not damaged and that it can be returned to the original setting at a later date if desired.

To begin with, you’ll want to consider what it is about the current setting that doesn’t appeal to you. Is it so tall that you catch it on everything? Does it hide the true beauty of the stone? Is there damage to the stone that is prominently displayed in the current setting? Or is it just that the style or color is not to your taste? These are all things to consider when deciding if swapping out the setting is really worth it, and if so, what you might prefer instead.

From there you should seek out a professional jeweler who has experience with resetting stones, as it can be a difficult and delicate process. Try to find someone on referral if you can, or ask to see samples of their work. Be sure to get an outside appraisal for your merchandise before you get any work done (in case of damage or theft), and then approach the jeweler about switching out the stone. Come prepared with a basic knowledge of what you want (pictures are a good tool to help the jeweler determine what you want) and ask plenty of questions to assess whether or not the vendor can deliver on your specifications and give you a good price.

If you’re not sure what you want, a professional can often give you advice on how to solve problems such as flaws (through camouflaging) or height issues (an enclosed stone may catch less than one that is prominent). They can also offer you options for both settings and embellishments (if you are looking to add some diamond chips or colored gemstones to the mix. Finally, make sure that they remove the diamond with the least amount of damage to the stone and the setting. That way, if you pass the ring down later on, your daughter or granddaughter can have the entire heirloom, and return the diamond to its rightful setting if she so chooses.

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