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How To Know To Start Shopping For An Engagement Ring

by Chris W

Whether you just decided it might be a good time to propose or she’s been giving you every hint in the book for months, shopping for an engagement ring is a big deal. Not only is an engagement ring a once in a lifetime purchase, it takes a lot of knowledge. Think about buying an engagement ring online the way you would think about buying a car. You certainly wouldn’tĀ spend whatever money you had lying aroundĀ on car that you know nothing about. Instead, you’d set a budget, do your research, and pick something that suits your personality and lifestyle. Shopping for an engagement ring requires the same level of investment.

Know Your Budget

The most crucial aspect of shopping for an engagement ring is knowing your budget. The idea that a diamond ring should cost two months salary is simply a myth. The true cost of an engagement ring should be something you can afford. Whether you want to spend $2,000 or $15,000 will have a massive impact on the quality of the center stone diamond. Additionally, while traditional solitaire settings tend to be priced similarly, pave settings and other modern engagement ring styles vary wildly. Understanding what you can afford is of the utmost importance, and the first place you should start when shopping for an engagement ring is preparing your budget.

shopping for an engagement ring

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is crucial to know your budget and to do your homework

Know The 4 C’s

It’s critical to at least know the 4 C’s when buying diamonds online. While there is extensive knowledge available from the Adiamor Diamond Education page, you must realize cut, clarity, color, and carat weight will greatly impact the cost and value of a diamond engagement ring. Cut is the most important, and the higher quality cut will cost more. Color and clarity leave the most room to shop for value. Near colorless diamonds and slightly included diamonds require expert knowledge to notice the differences with the naked eye. Finally, the size of the diamond will have the final impact on cost, but know that a half carat diamond can cost just as as much as a full 100-pointer depending on the other characteristics.

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