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Square Diamond Ring: What is the Difference Between Princess and Radiant cut?

by Ansley

When it comes to engagement rings, there are many different styles to choose from. From the classic halo to stunning split shank, the variety of rings on the market today is truly endless. However; two of the most popular ring styles right now are the princess cut and the radiant cut. Unique beyond words, these elegant square diamond cuts are similar in look but their value is entirely different. Because of this, it can be hard to know which one is truly the best fit for your bride-to-be.

So, to help you out today, we’re going to compare and contrast these two ring styles. We’re going to cover everything from durability to cost, brilliance, and more. So, if you’re ready to finally settle the square diamond ring debate, let’s get started. 

Princess cut VS. Radiant cut 

What is a Radiant cut?  

To start, the radiant cut diamond is a luxurious, angular cut with a flair unlike any other. With sloped corners as their signature look, this ornate style came into the public eye in the early 1980s and has been growing in popularity ever since. However, shape aside, the reason the radiant cut is so popular is because of the artistic precision behind its 70 facets. This can be seen easily in this rose gold radiant cut engagement ring that features a striking flair of brilliance at every angle.

This intricate detail combined with a graceful elongated shape is what makes the radiant cut a true treasure to the modern world.

What is a Princess cut?

Next, a princess-cut diamond is another opulent ring cut characterized by a refined geometric shape. This cut is noticeably more angular than that of the radiant cut, with protruding points that give it a more vintage appearance. However, aside from its unique shape, the princess cut is also highly favored because of its 58 facets. This careful combination of brilliance, as well as piercing angles, gives this cut a true vintage and timeless touch. Because of this, the princess cut is one of the most popular non-round ring designs on the market. You can find a variety of unique square princess cut diamonds and even two-carat princess cut diamonds like this here on adiamor.com.

What’s the difference between a Princess and a Radiant cut Square Diamond Ring?

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about what these two unique cuts are, you’re probably wondering what the real difference between them is. From a first glance, the radiant and princess cuts have very common outer features, as they both share geometric diamonds with angular cuts. However, if you look closer, there’s actually a number of differences between the two. For example, upon a closer look, you can see that the princess cut has sharp, square-shaped corners, while the radiant cut has been cut with sloped corners instead. While this is only a minor difference, it does add to the overall texture of each ring and can certainly affect your selection.

With that said, let’s go over a quick comparison of each and see how they rank against one another.

1. Which is more durable?

To start, when it comes to the question of durability, the radiant cut takes the cake. This is because the princess cut has sharper corners that make it more prone to chipping.

2. Which is more affordable? 

Next, if you’re wondering what the more affordable option is, the princess cut is the way to go. This is because the cutting process for a princess cut diamond utilizes most of the original diamond, requiring less removal. This can make the princess cut 10%-20% cheaper on average.

3. Which has the most brilliance?

And lastly, when it comes to its brilliance, the radiant cut is the winner again. This is because it features more facets than the princess cut. This makes its flair more widespread and active, while the princess cut are clean and symmetrical.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both the radiant cut and the princess cut offer beauty and elegance beyond words. And while neither square diamond ring is better than the other, the radiant cut does offer the most durability with a larger appearance and the highest level of brilliance, making it seem like the better choice. If your goal is presence on the finger, a princess cut may be your choice. The extended corners and additional metal needed to protect them results in a larger presence. Overall, no matter what you choose, both cuts are elegant and refined beyond words and are something that any bride would be happy to receive.

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