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Wedding Planning Tips: The Importance to Wedding Gifts

by Chris W

At their heart, weddings are a huge celebration. However, not only are they the time to exchange vows and wedding rings, they are also a time for gift giving. Although you may be thinking of the giant stack of wedding gifts the couple at the reception, the bride and groom should be giving some gifts as well. While many people think of wedding favors for the attendees, there are certain people who require special wedding gifts. The parents, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen should all receive gifts from the couple. Additionally, the bride and groom should exchange presents as well.

Wedding Gifts for the Parents

Even if a couple is paying for the entire wedding themselves, it is still important to give a gift to both sets of parents. This is because parents put up with, and pay for, plenty during the lifetime of their children. When the wedding comes, it’s time to give a little bit back. Be sure to pick a gift that is personal, practical, and something you can can do equally well for both sets of parents. One great gift idea would be to purchase a nice frame and have it engraved with your wedding date. Whatever you decide is appropriate, remember to write a heartfelt letter to accompany the present. This will ensure your gift is perfect no matter what you pick.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

Shopping for your friends can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Traditionally, bridesmaids receive the jewelry they will wear on the wedding day as their present, but this is not the only option. On the other hand, classic groomsmen gifts include flasks and cufflinks. No matter what wedding gifts you decide on your wedding party, just be certain that the gifts are equal for all party members. Also, try to personalize them as best as possible. A great way to do this is through monogramed tote bags which can the be reused for years to come.

wedding gifts for men

Cufflinks make an excellent wedding gift for the groomsmen

Gifts For Each Other

The wedding day is certainly a celebration of your love, and some couples prefer to call the honeymoon their wedding gift. However, more and more couples are deciding on giving a little something extra on the morning of the wedding day. For men, a new watch is an excellent gift to receive on the wedding day.  On the other hand, many brides love to receive jewelry such as a pendant that can be worn on the wedding day. Whether you decide to exchange actual gifts or not is up to you, but one thing you should definitely do is exchange hand written love notes. Yes, you’ll be exchanging vows soon, but nothing sets the tone for a wedding day like a love letter!

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