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What is a Princess Cut Diamond? Overview of Brilliance, Price, Durability, and More

by Ansley
princess cut diamond engagement ring

There’s a lot of different diamond cuts on the market. From square cut to marquise, each cut is unique and beautiful in its own way. However, arguably one of the most beautiful cuts is the princess cut. With a flash and shape unlike any other, a princess cut diamond is truly one of a kind. And in this article today, we’re going to talk about everything that makes a princess cut what it is. From its price to its clarity, and even some of its side stone pairings, let’s get to the bottom of the true value of this modern piece.

What is a princess cut diamond? 

To start, a princess cut diamond can best be described as a contemporary square-shaped diamond with a flair unlike any other. First coming into the public eye in 1961, this is the second most popular diamond cut right under a round-cut, accounting for nearly 15%-30% of engagement rings purchases. And with an eye-pleasing appearance in its square length to width ratio range, the princess cut is a beautiful modern design that draws in the eye for a naturally opulent texture. 


When it comes to the price of a princess cut, it’s no secret that princess-cut diamonds are less expensive than round, as can be seen in their second rank in popularity. However, believe it or not, this is mainly because of the shape of the diamond. This is because the crafting of a princess cut allows minimal waste of the diamond, using around 60-70% of the original diamond. This is as opposed to a round-cut, which uses only around 28-38% of the original diamond. While prices vary per jeweler, a 1 Carat Princess Cut diamond with VS2 clarity typically costs $3,500 on average. 

Princess Cut Diamond Ring viewed from front


Now, when it comes to their flair, princess cut diamonds certainly have a beautiful range of brilliance that accompanies them; however, they are still no match when it comes to the brilliance of round diamonds. A princess cut diamond has between 50-58 facets, depending on the cut of the diamond, adding to its overall brilliance. These facets can mostly be found on the pavilion and crown of the diamond. And thanks to the facets in correspondence to the overall shape of the cut, they also help to hide inclusions. This offers a naturally flawless appearance to the diamond, adding to the overall value of the cut. 


Now, a princess cut diamond is considered to be one of the most fragile cuts in terms of durability. This is because this cut has a sharper edge due to its square shape, making it more prone to chipping. Therefore, if you have your heart set on a princess cut, you should opt for protective prongs around the corners of the diamond to reduce it’s risk of damage.

What side stones compliment a princess cut?

And finally, if you’re looking for side stones to pair with your princess cut, look no further than these four:

  • Trilliants
  • Triangles
  • Baguettes
  • Tapered baguettes 

These side stones are typically used with a princess as they naturally help to highlight the cut, complimenting and enhancing the beauty of the stone overall. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, princess cut diamonds are some of the most unique, lavish, and jaw-dropping styles on the market. Whether you opt for a solitaire princess cut or something more, you can rest assured that this will be a diamond-cut fit for royalty no matter what way you choose to wear it. 

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