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What you need to know about white gold rings

by Sa Bal
Simple and refined -- A dainty solitaire engagement ring in white gold.

Buying the perfect wedding ring can be one of the most stressful tasks, yet with some due diligence the result can be beautiful. White Gold Rings rose to popularity as an alternative to platinum and over time grew to be one of the most popular metals in modern engagement rings. The bright white color complements the traditional color of a new bride and isn’t as heavy nor as expensive as platinum. White gold consists of a yellow gold mixed with metal alloys such as zinc or nickel. The process of this mixture leaves you with a subtle silverfish appearance. If you think white gold is the right metal for your engagement ring but have questions, we can help you decide.

Why Choose White Gold Rings?

Knowing what to expect is key to making a smart purchasing decision. White gold rings may look the same as platinum and sterling silver, but there are important differences that you should keep in mind.

Good Durability

White gold includes rhodium plaiting which helps the jewel maintain is strength and durability. You won’t have to worry about the rings wearing off this way. This material acts as a good protectant to the ring. However, over time this plating can wear thin. Regular wear results in a slight hint of original yellow gold. Your jeweler can help you maintain your ring as this effect presents itself.

Adds a Subtle Bling

If you want to view a diamond in its best light, you might place it on a white background like a piece of paper. This same effect allows white gold to give the side and center diamonds the brightest and most brilliant appearance when compared to rose or yellow gold. Alternatively, if you choose colored side stones such as sapphires or fancy colored diamonds

More Gold Percentage (Depending on Karats)

Karats are the unit measurement for the purity of gold. Each karat equates to 4% purity. The maximum karat is 24 and represents 100% pure gold. However, gold this pure is too soft for jewelry manufacture is rarely used. Instead most jewelry comes in 14k, 18k or 19k gold. Using this calculation, you will find that 14k gold is 58% pure, 18k gold is 75% pure and 19k gold is 79% pure.

How do I Clean a White Gold Engagement Ring?

Gold jewelry is precious and while it is durable, regular cleaning can go a long way to maintaining the beauty of your ring. All you need to do is follow the few steps mentioned below:

  • Use a chemical-free cleaning solution consisting of soap and water
  • Soak your white gold engagement ring in the soap and water solution for around 20-30 minute
  • After soaking, dry the ring thoroughly with  a soft cloth
  • Under lukewarm water rinse the ring to get rid of stubborn soap residue
  • Dry it again with a cloth

By following these easy steps, you will never have to let go of your white gold ring. It will stay beautiful many years into the future.

The Bottom-Line

Now that you have a better understanding of the qualities of white gold rings, you can see how they can help make your engagement experience timeless and memorable. However, no matter what metal you decide on, you can be sure you will make the right choice with a bit of research, due diligence and a jeweler who can guide you on your wedding journey.

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