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3 Reasons You Should Choose A Solitaire Engagement Ring By Adiamor

by Faith Austin

When searching for the perfect engagement ring either on your own or with your partner, the process can become very overwhelming. With so many gorgeous ring styles, metal colors, and diamond shapes there are a lot of factors to consider. We are here to help make some of those choices a little easier. We are going to discuss why solitaire engagement rings are the perfect choice of engagement ring for anyone due to how they are extremely versatile, stack well with other rings, and they are generally more affordable!

1. Solitaire Engagement Rings Are Extremely Versatile!

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a solitaire engagement ring is that they are one of the most versatile setting types. Solitaire engagement rings look great in all metal colors ensuring they suit every skin tone. They suit every diamond shape your partner could dream of and they look fabulous in different band widths and textures. From an oval shaped diamond with a knife edge solitaire, to a rope twist yellow gold band with a radiant cut diamond, every combination of a solitaire engagement ring will look fantastic. Below are a few of our favorite solitaire engagement rings our Adiamor customers have designed over the years!

Solitaire settings shown above from left to right are: R3162, R3168, and R2998

2. Solitaire Engagement Rings Stack Well!

By now we are sure you’ve seen amazing solitaire stack with everything from gorgeous eternity bands to several vintage bands. This is because when you have a solitaire engagement ring it makes it very easy to compliment your ring with other bands ranging from one to even 4 bands! This is a great way to compliment your center diamond and your personal style. One thing to look out for when choosing your solitaire engagement ring is that depending on the basket or prong style in your ring, your bands may need to be custom made to fit perfectly with your solitaire engagement ring. This is never an issue at Adiamor as we have been hand crafting custom rings for over 30 years and can design bands to fit every style and with every solitaire engagement ring.

3. Solitaire Engagement Rings Are Affordable

If the reasons above haven’t convinced you that solitaire engagement rings are the way to go then this last point might be the most convincing. Overall, solitaire engagement rings are generally the least expensive style of setting to purchase. They require less labor to produce than diamond accented engagement ring settings. Solitaire engagement rings make it easy to save a few bucks while still creating the ring of your dreams! Now this isn’t to say that you can’t upgrade your solitaire to have delicate prongs or a hidden halo to add a little spice, however these are usually less expensive than the diamond encrusted settings.

Here are a few of our favorite Adiamor Solitaire Engagement Rings


The knife edge on this thin band solitaire engagement ring seems to disappear on the finger, for the ultimate thin band engagement ring. The center diamond that you select, stands out with platinum prongs that can be customized by adding a hidden halo. This solitaire engagement ring is a great choice for putting all the attention on your center stone.


Simple and refined, this dainty solitaire is 1.7mm wide and compliments the center stone of your choice. This solitaire engagement ring is a great choice to add on your favorite upgrades to really personalize your ring. Whether you choose custom prongs, adding diamonds to the prongs, or any other customizations, this ring is a stunning choice.


A modern take on a classic solitaire, this thin band setting showcases the center diamond. Each ring is custom made to fit the measurements of the diamond you select. Add some more sparkle with a hidden halo by adding diamonds to the basket or customize your solitaire engagement ring by upgrading your basket to Platinum. This solitaire engagement ring is perfect for everyone and every shape diamond.

Overall, solitaire engagement rings by Adiamor are a great choice for everyone due to their versatility, their ability to stack well with wedding bands, and they are generally less expensive. If you are looking for an engagement ring setting that will show off your center diamond, match with other bands to go with your own personal style, and save you a few dollars along the way, you really can’t go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring.

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