What To Do When She Doesn’t Love The Ring

Planning a proposal can be hectic and stressful. Between deciding on the right time and place to picking out the perfect ring, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Additionally, it can take months to get everything in line. Getting engaged means deciding on a lifelong commitment, including winning the favor of her friends and the blessing of her family. On top of everything, she’s got to love the ring! However, even with hours of planning and asking the opinion of everyone you trust, there’s a chance you messed up. She might still say “Yes!” to the idea, but if she hates the ring you must replace it immediately.

engagement ring
Not everyone gets the ring right the first time.

Learning Her Style So She’ll Love The Ring

Many people simply aren’t good at shopping, and that’s because they don’t know enough about style. Whether its being impatient and settling or feeling intimidated by the research, many first time diamond buyers make mistakes. However, the majority of wholesale diamond sellers provide great diamond education centers. These can help you be an informed shopper to get it right the second time. With these guides, you will have a better understanding of diamond pricing, ring metals, and much more. Plus, you can learn which type of metals and diamond shapes represent her style. This will make the second ring the one she’ll love forever.

Fixing It Together

When all else fails, the best option for replacing an engagement ring is to shop together. Since she’s already accepted the proposal, now is the time for her to love the ring she’ll have forever. Even if she would still prefer you to do the final shopping, one great way to learn her likes and dislikes is design your own engagement ring. She will be able to pick out the style, diamond shape, and much more. This will ensure she gets the ring of her dreams.

Finally, be sure to note the return policy of where you are shopping. This will ensure that you can exchange the ring just in case she doesn’t love the way it looks on her hand.

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