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Platinum Rings Are Not Indestructible: An End To The Myths

by Chris W

Engagement rings are typically made out of precious metals such as gold or platinum. Historically, precious metals like gold and silver were valued as currency. In modern economies, though, gold and silver are more prominently considered investments than valuable for coinage. One reason for this is precious metals are malleable, which makes them great for jewelry. For some reason, many people believe that platinum is somehow indestructible. Although platinum is indeed a durable metal, it is not unbreakable. In fact, platinum rings can be damaged just as easily as gold rings.

Platinum Is Pure, Not Invincible

One of the reasons platinum is so highly prized is because it is one of the most rare metals on Earth. Additionally, platinum rings have a shiny luster that is similar to silver. In fact, the name platinum is derived from the Spanish word “platina” which means “little silver.” While platinum is highly resistive to corrosion, it is not invincible. Somehow, the misconception that platinum will not bend started as an urban legend. Whether it is because platinum is so rare or because of its industrial uses in for everything from laboratory equipment to catalytic converters, many people believe it cannot bend. While it is very durable, platinum is equally malleable as gold. Although most gold used to create jewelry is an alloy, platinum is more than 90% pure. Perhaps this is one reason people believe it to be indestructible.

platinum rings

Platinum rings are durable, but they are not indestructible.

Despite The Weight, Platinum Rings Can Break

Another reason many people believe platinum to be unbreakable is its weight. The heft of a platinum engagement ring or wedding band is often considered to be a positive trait. In fact, platinum rings weighs about twice as much as their gold counterparts. It is not the case, despite popular belief, that heavier platinum rings are actually stronger. Platinum rings can bend just as easily as gold rings, so it is important to care for your diamond ring regardless of the type of ring metal. Just because platinum rings do not require the rhodium plating necessary to keep white gold shiny does not mean it cannot break.

Learn More About Platinum

Platinum rings are durable, premium jewelry made from one of the rarest elements available. Their heft provides durability, but they are not unbreakable. Platinum engagement rings must be handled carefully, like all fine jewelry. For more information on platinum, visit the Adiamor Metal Education guide today!

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