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Eternity Bands – Why You Should Choose One

by Sa Bal
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Are you looking for a brand new jewelry staple? If that’s the case, look no further than eternity bands. Not only are they the best ornament to commemorate a special occasion, but they are also a way to confess your everlasting love as well.

Women love wearing wedding band diamonds with their outfits to symbolize having an affectionate bond with their partners.  Interestingly, these elegant bands are equally popular among men.  Claw prong eternity rings, for instance, are among the top choices for men as they come in many styles and designs.

If you want to buy an eternity band for your wedding or engagement, this article can help you learn everything you need to know about these ornaments.

Eternal Bands - Golden with Transparent Crystals

What is an Eternity Wedding Band?

Commonly referred to as infinity rings, eternity rings are metal bands with gemstones. The gemstones can be around the band’s circumference, either wholly or partially. As the bands don’t indicate where they start or end, they refer to infinity and eternity.

While eternity bands with diamonds are the most sought-after variety, you may find rings with a wide range of beautiful other gemstones as well. One of the main features of these bands is their versatility in terms of style and design. This charming piece of jewelry looks elegant whether you wear it at your wedding or a birthday party.

What Makes Eternity Rings Meaningful

The designs and styles of eternity rings offer different interpretations, making them meaningful for people for different reasons. The bands imbue special meanings and can be quite symbolic of your relationship, which means you can choose eternity bands to mark or represent important goals or milestones of your life.

The circle of an eternity band means perfection, equality, eternal love, completion, and eternity.  The gemstone you choose for your wedding ring also adds to the meaning of the design. For instance, wedding bands with diamonds around depict strength, love, trust, and purity. 

 Thus, this timeless band is the right choice to signify the importance of your nuptial as it depicts commitment and eternal love for each other.

Why Choose Eternity Bands for Wedding

As mentioned above, eternity bands are perfect for big days as they are a symbol of long-term commitment.    Here are some occasions to wear eternity bands;

·         Wedding Ring 

Eternity bands are popular as wedding rings. Many spouses wear them to symbolize their marriage.

·         Wedding Gift

The bands with their depiction of love are the unique wedding gift for your partner.  Consider yourself lucky if your groom gives you an eternity band as a gift.

·         Promise Ring 

Such a ring makes a perfect promise ring. Give it to your partner as a sign of commitment.

2 Main Eternity Ring Styles

If you’re going for an eternity ring, you have the choice to go for wither a full eternity ring or a half eternity ring:

What is a Full Eternity Ring?

Full eternity rings come with diamonds placed around the band or the entire shank of the ring. These rings are amazing for an engagement and wedding, and will look beuatful as ever once you try them on. However; remember that you cannot get full eternity rings re-sized so you must make sure that you give the correct size.

What is a Half Eternity Ring?

In half-eternity rings the stones appear only halfway around the band, unlike all over in full eternity rings. These rings allow you to include at 5-9 gemstones depending on the size of the stones. You half eternity ring may come in a tapered shape including gems of different sizes, or the stone may be of a particular uniformed size. You will find these rings to be more reasonable ,and have to make sure you choose the right type of stone and carat weight as this determines the beauty of the ring. You don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size, as these rings are easily realizable.

What Setting Should My Eternity Ring Have?

If you want your eternity ring to stand out and showcase the scared meaning attached to it, then you have to choose a correct ring setting for it. The setting will also help you choose the appropriate diamond for your eternity ring. Mentioned below are three main types of eternity ring settings:

1.      Claw Prong Eternity Rings

Claw prong eternity rings are a traditional platform for keeping the gemstone in place along with a metal setting that slight slightly overlaps on the rip, and runs through the sides of the stones. . This setting goes well on round brilliant stones as it gives way to more exposure of light. One the whole claw prong settings make the ring more sparkly, and may be the best choice for you.

2.      Bar-Set Eternity Rings

Bar-set eternity rings feature metal bars that appear perpendicular to the eternity ring band. These settings are ideal for stones that are of the same size. These bars give more feature and depth to the overall appearance of the ring and gemstones. If you want all the sparkle you can get in your ring, then you may want to go for bar-set settings as they let in a lot of light, and anyone can admire them from afar.

3.      Channel Prong Eternity Rings

Channel-set eternity rings involve a channeled feature at the edges of the eternity ring where stones are set through a metal form. This setting gives out a much-modernized look as is perfect for baguette diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and round brilliant gemstones. With this setting, you don’t have to worry about snagging as the setting is quite firm and is set appropriately with the ring.

Summing Up

All in all, eternity bands mark your strength and freedom and are precious pieces of jewelry you can wear on special occasions. Wear it with diamonds if you want to become a traditional bride.

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