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Popular Styles of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

by Chris W

If you ask any random person to draw a picture of an engagement ring with a box of crayons, there is a very good chance they will draw a yellow gold ring. Since yellow gold is the most classic of all precious metals, it is what most people think of when they think of gold jewelry. Despite the rise in popularity of white gold and rose gold, yellow gold continues to be the jewelry standard. One of the reasons yellow gold engagement rings continue to be so popular is the warm gold color contrasts perfectly with the cool hues of diamonds.

18k yellow gold Channel-Set Engagement SettingChannel Set Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

While the yellow gold solitaire is the most classic engagement ring, yellow gold is an exceptional choice for modern ring styles. Because diamonds and yellow gold work so well together, many brides to be love the look of channel set diamonds in a yellow gold band. This upgrades the look of the traditional solitaire ring. By adding diamonds to the band, the channel set diamonds provide more sparkle. The ring featured on the right is the perfect blend between modern designs and classic style. Featuring a total of 12 channel set brilliant cut round diamonds, the center stone’s fire and brilliance is amplified by the diamonds in the band.

18k yellow gold engagement ringsModern Yellow Gold Rings

For brides who prefer the yellow gold hues but want something ultra modern, consider non traditional bands. One such example is the R1910 18k yellow gold engagement setting. This particular ring incorporates a twisted band that is set with 20 baguette diamonds. The total carat weight of the diamonds is nearly 1.5 carats. The result is a center diamond that appears wrapped in a swirling diamonds. The dramatic effect is the perfect statement piece for bold brides.

The Traditional Yellow Gold Solitaire

classic yellow gold solitaireFinally, the classic yellow gold engagement ring is the solitaire setting. Even though it is probably the ring most people would draw, this engagement setting is a classic for a reason. The durability of yellow gold makes an exquisite match for a sparkling center stone. Additionally, even though the solitaire is instantly recognizable, it does not mean that this setting cannot express a unique personality. Nearly every diamond shape can be used to create the perfect custom yellow gold engagement ring. Create a custom yellow gold engagement ring from scratch today featuring the diamond of your choice. You’ll find the perfect engagement setting for bride in no time!

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