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Rising Engagement Trends: Dainty Engagement Rings

by Chris W

While engagement rings have an iconic history, their looks have changed many times over the years. In recent years, the traditional yellow gold solitaire has given way in popularity to other ring styles. From the rise of rose gold engagement rings to the split shank trend, engagement rings are constantly changing. In the past, the larger the diamond size meant the the more luxurious the ring. However, these days, engagement rings are more sophisticated and classier. One of the most recent rising trends are dainty engagement rings. These rings feature smaller bands that allow for a more feminine look. Additionally, dainty engagement rings make the center diamond appear even larger.

What Makes A Dainty Engagement Ring?

While there is no specific size that creates a dainty ring, generally speaking they feature thinner bands, often under 2mm. However, just because a ring may have a smaller band does not mean it will be uncomfortable. In fact, many dainty engagement rings feature comfort edge bands. This prevents the ring from creating sharp pressure points around the edges or to feel like its pinching the finger. Although dainty engagement rings have thinner bands, this does not mean the bands must be plain. Even with a thin band, it is possible to for a dainty ring to feature hand engraved details or pave set diamonds.

Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

This dainty diamond ring features pave set diamonds on a 1.7mm band with a 1 carat diamond center stone

A Dainty Ring’s Effect On The Center Diamond

In addition to the smaller rings making fingers appear more feminine, dainty rings are attractive for their effect on diamond size. Due to the smaller band width, these rings create an optical illusion of a larger diamond. While a dainty engagement ring may sound undersized, the result is quite different. With a dainty ring, a typical diamond feels nearly a quarter carat larger. This means a one carat diamond ring would look like it was closer to a 1.25 carat diamond. For this reason, many owners of dainty engagement rings find them to provide more value for the price.

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