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Are Rose Gold Rings More Expensive Than Yellow Gold?

by Chris W

Before choosing an engagement ring metal, many people consider two primary factors: color and cost. Recently, rose gold has exploded in popularity. Although it has been used by fine jewelers for centuries, one reason so many people love rose gold engagement rings is because of the color. With a pinkish hue, rose gold is considered to be even more romantic than yellow gold. Additionally, many people find that rose gold rings are more flattering as they complement skin tones more so than traditional gold. Since rose gold is now one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, many people wonder whether it is more expensive than yellow gold.

14k gold vs 18k vs 24k

One of the most important things to understand about gold is understanding karat. Karat, which is not to be confused with carat, demonstrates how much pure gold is in jewelry. Carat, on the other hand, identifies the weight measurement of diamonds and other gemstones. When referring to jewelry such as rose gold rings, karat represents a percentage. Pure gold is represented as 24k, and this means the item contains 100% gold. 18 karat gold means 75% gold while 14k is 58.3% gold. The reason pure gold is rarely used in the creation of engagement rings or other fine jewelry relates to durability; pure gold is very soft and prone to scratches.

rose gold rings

A rose gold engagement ring

Gold Alloys

When jewelry gold is created, it is an alloy of pure gold and another metal. Typically, these metals include copper, nickel, silver, or zinc. In the creation of rose gold, copper is the predominant metal used. This is what gives rose gold rings their distinctive pink hue that makes rose gold so popular. However, this does not make rose gold more or less expensive than yellow gold. Since 14k or 18k rose gold contains the same amount of pure gold as 14k or 18k yellow gold, they are essentially worth the same as their counterparts. Additionally, white gold that contains 14k or 18k pure gold costs the same as either yellow gold or rose gold rings. Learn more about rose gold here.

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