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Should I Wear My Diamond Engagement Ring Every Day?

by Chris W

Receiving an engagement ring is an exciting part of life. The engagement ring is a special gift. However, after the wedding, many brides wonder if they should continue to wear their diamond engagement ring everyday.  Well, there is not a simple yes or no answer to this question. But, there are a few things to consider when making this decision.

The Engagement Ring and Matched Sets

Should  you continue wearing your engagement ring on a daily basis ? If the diamond engagement ring is part of a matched set with the wedding band, then yes. It makes sense to continue wearing the ring as it will complement the band as both rings were designed to be worn together. On the flip side, not having the ring as a part of a matched set could help you decide to save the sparkles for more lavish events and luxurious outings which might make those evenings even more special.

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Where Do You Work?

Although it may seem like an irrelevant topic, what you do for a job may impact on your decision. For instance, if you work extensively with your hands, you may fear that you could knock the diamond loose from the setting or potentially cause damage to the band itself. If you find yourself taking your ring off to complete routine tasks at work, it may make more sense to only wear the wedding band. Additionally, if you travel extensively, you may feel more at ease leaving your engagement ring behind. You don’t want your ring to become lost or stolen far from home.

What Size Is Your Diamond Ring?

While it may be impolite to measure your ring against your best girlfriend’s, the size of the diamond may impact your decision to wear your engagement ring every day of the week. Large diamonds are undeniably gorgeous, but they may not feel appropriate to wear while picking up groceries or grabbing a cup of a coffee between meetings. Consider the size of your diamond engagement ring, your lifestyle, as well as the way you wish others to perceive you when deciding whether or not to wear your treasured ring all the time.

Talk To Your Spouse

The most important thing you can do when deciding is discussing the matter with your spouse. Choosing an engagement ring, saving up the money, and ultimately proposing can leave a lasting impact. Your partner may have an emotional attachment to seeing the ring on your finger every day. However, if you would prefer to only wear your ring on special occasions due your occupation or lifestyle, expressing these concerns will help a husband understand that you are trying to make a decision that will best preserve one of your most precious belongings. Ultimately, the decision to wear your ring every day is up to you. You should have an honest conversation with your beloved and decide what makes the most sense for you.

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