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Wedding Jewelry 101: How to Match Jewelry to an Engagement Ring

by Ansley
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Engagement rings are, without a doubt, one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you’ll ever receive, alongside your wedding band. Whether it’s in the form of a luxury princess cut diamond or an elegant round halo, engagement jewelry is something you’ll continue to keep on your finger for a lifetime, so it’s important to find jewelry that you can pair with it daily to help match it. However, a key rule to pairing other pieces of jewelry with your engagement ring is to choose pieces that will help to highlight and enhance the ring, not take away from it or compete with its beauty. 

With that said, today, we’re going to go over a few things to consider for choosing matching casual jewelry with your wedding jewelry, as well as a couple of our top recommendations for pieces that pair with almost all wedding bands easily. 

What to Consider First

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Stacked rings from Adiamor

 1. Decide if you want the jewelry to match or not

To start off, before you begin looking for jewelry to pair with your engagement ring, you’ll want to ask yourself if you want your ring and jewelry to be an exact match to each other or if you want them to differ. A common style these days is to have any jewelry you wear match your engagement ring perfectly, as this helps to create an enhanced and more elegant appearance overall. However, contrasting your ring with a new look with different jewels or metals is also an elegant way to enhance your ring and make it stand out even more. 

Above all else, the most important thing to remember is that there are no rules when it comes to pairing your jewelry, and it is always up to your own personal preference of what you like. 

2. Decide on the type of metal

Next, you’ll also want to think about the type of metal you’ll want to use for the ring. Many people tend to lean towards the same metal for both their ring as well as their other jewelry, as this gives the ring a collective look that blends in easily. However, if you want something more unique looking, mixing metals can also be a good idea and can help your engagement ring to stand out more than your other jewelry pieces. 

Above all else, it’s just a matter of if you prefer to match your jewelry with the same colors and stones or if you prefer a more unconventional style that is noticeably different.

Jewelry Ideas

Stacked Eternity Bands from Adiamor
Stacked Eternity Bands from Adiamor

Next, for a few ideas of pieces that you might consider pairing with your wedding jewelry, we chose some of our top pieces that would pair easily with just about any style. Let’s go over them.

1. Stacking ring

Our first pick for jewelry to match with your wedding jewelry perfectly is stacking rings. Stacking rings have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they are a simple way to add additional elegance to your hand and match almost any ring type. The best part about stacking rings is you can usually find one that matches your ring almost exactly, which can help to add additional luxury to your engagement piece.

Adiamor's eternity bands on hand
Stacked Eternity Bands.

2. Eternity band

The next style is the elegant eternity band. Known for its eye-catching design, this style features diamonds set all the way around the band to symbolize a never-ending love between you and your partner. This style ring is a true classic and is perfect because it never lacks from any angle, so you never have to worry about readjusting your ring to show off your diamonds.

Our personal recommendation for this ring style is the pink sapphire stacking eternity band. Available in 14K, 18K, 19K, Platinum 950, this ring features a beautiful slim band anointed with a series of lavish pink sapphires in a high polish finish that is the perfect complement to any finger. This ring is also perfect for adding a simple, elegant touch to your look without taking away the extravagance of the engagement ring itself. 

3. Bracelets

Layered Diamond Bar Bracelets
Diamond bar bracelets layered

And finally, aside from casual rings, you can also pair a high-class bracelet with your ring to enhance it further. For this, you’ll typically want to look for something more on the simple side so that you can leave your ring as the most eye-catching accessory. Our recommendation for this would be the mini bar diamond bracelet that features a series of dainty white diamonds across the top with a high polish finish.  This style is excellent for enhancing the look of your ring without taking away from its luster in the slightest.

You can also check out our jewelry search for additional options that may be more eye-catching for you personally. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, pairing jewelry with your wedding jewelry can be a fun, exciting, and creative process that can give you and your ring an entirely different look. So whether you choose to match your jewelry exactly or try something new and bold, we hope this article has helped to give you some ideas for the best way to match your jewelry to your engagement to compliment it in the best way possible.

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