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What Should I Do With My Engagement Ring On My Wedding Day?

by Chris W

Most people dream about their wedding day long before they even become engaged. Because of this, the ideal wedding of their dreams often overlooks smaller details. One thing that can cause a last minute panic is worrying about the engagement ring during the ceremony. Many brides ask, “What should I do with my engagement ring on my wedding day?” It may seem like a simple question with a simple answer. However, there are actually quite a few things to consider.

Are You Exchanging Rings During The Ceremony?

Traditionally, wedding bands are exchanged during a ceremony. The bands are symbols of everlasting and unbroken love. In these ceremonies, the husband typically places the wedding ring on the bride’s left hand. However, many engaged women wear their engagement ring in this spot up until the wedding. Since the wedding band should be worn closest to the heart, it would be awkward to remove the engagement ring and replace it. If you plan to exchange rings during the ceremony, you wouldn’t want your diamond engagement ring to upstage the wedding band. Therefore the simplest solution is to wear your engagement ring on your right hand until after the ceremony. Once the wedding is over, place the ring back on your left hand, especially if the wedding band and engagement ring are part of a matched set.

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Does Your Engagement Ring Match Your Ceremony?

Another important thing to consider is whether or not your engagement ring matches your wedding celebration. While most couples will use their wedding to demonstrate their personalities and style preferences, there are plenty of instances where this is not the case. For example, a lavish engagement ring may have been an extraordinary purchase, but the wedding could be in a simple, rustic setting. In this instance, a bride may feel that wearing such a ring would be inappropriate and choose to leave the engagement ring in her jewelry box until the honeymoon. In other cases, the parents of the bride and groom may have a larger influence on the wedding, and the chosen location could affect the decision of whether or not to wear the ring during the ceremony.

It’s Really Up To You

Ultimately, the decision of what to with your engagement ring during your wedding is up to you and your spouse. The best decision is not to overthink it too much. There are plenty of other details that require your attention. If you want to wear the ring during the ceremony, simply place it on your right hand. This way accepting the wedding band from your husband remains an elegant, meaningful gesture. Otherwise, keep the ring in your jewelry box for the time being. Then you can discuss if you will continue wearing the ring in addition to your wedding band.

No matter what you decide, your wedding will still be a gorgeous celebration of love. Now relax and decide if you intend to smash wedding cake into the face of your beloved!

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