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What’s So Great About Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

by Chris W

For the last couple years, rose gold engagement rings have been the most popular choice for trendsetters. Between celebrity engagements, the return of Art Deco style, and the hip decision to do things differently, rose gold made a huge comeback. However, there are many more reasons to choose rose gold rings than simply a different look. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to find out what’s so great about rose gold engagement rings.

Classic Style With A Modern Twist

While fine jewelers have been making rose gold pieces for many years, other industries are starting to follow suit. Electronics and cell phone companies are the most recent adopters of the pinkish color as the latest models of everything from laptops to headphones now feature rose gold colorways. In addition to looking great on a smartphone, rose gold elevated gadget purchases from tech trendy to fashion forward with the color’s connection to jewelry. Purchasing a rose gold laptop simultaneously displayed a sense of style as well as luxury. With the adaptation of rose gold colors in their products, Silicon Valley looked to give their products a sense of lavishness from the world of fine jewelry.

A Complimentary, Comforting Color

One of the reasons rose gold jewelry and products became so popular is the color is very complimentary of skin tones. The pink hues of rose gold mimic the way makeup is applied to provide color to the face. Therefore, rose gold provides a youthfulness that is very desirable, especially for the stylish. Additionally, researchers believe the tones provide peaceful reassurance. For this reason, many associate rose gold with a mindfulness that lessens stress.

rose gold engagement ring

A rose gold engagement ring in a halo setting

Rose Gold Is Intentionally Different

While smartphones are simply given a coat of paint, the history behind the color might be driving its millennial popularity. Rose gold jewelry is created by mixing gold metal with copper. This intentional mixing of pure gold with lesser metals is a deliberate move to create something new. In this manner, rose gold jewelry stands out from the yellow gold crowd while maintaining its value as gold. In fact, both 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold contain the same percentage of the precious metal.

While fashion trends rise and fall, rose gold has been a mainstay of fine jewelry for centuries. From its comforting properties and flattering tones to its luxurious look, rose gold is clearly a great choice for an engagement ring. Start shopping for the perfect rose gold engagement ring today!

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