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5 Great Ways to Propose on Halloween

by Craig

This spooky holiday is a favorite for young and old, and making a spiritual connection on the night when spirits roam the Earth just makes good sense. However, it can be a bit hard to pull out the romance when frights and delights are just around every corner. But with a few flickering candles and some really great costumes, your potential for a spook-tacular proposal plan is practically unlimited. So here are a few tricks (and treats) that you can try when you propose on Halloween.

1. Sugar coated love. If your gal has a sense of humor, wait until the midnight hour and propose with a ring pop in a box. Then tell her she could opt instead for the consolation prize and give her the reserved ring pop wrapper with a diamond engagement ring in it.

2. Game night. If you decide to spend the night at home, spice things up with some spooky games. Pull out the Ouija board, have her close her eyes, then slip the ring onto the board. Once you’ve moved the pointer into position (aimed at the ring), have her open her eyes and see if the pointer glides towards “Yes”. Alternately, you could hold a séance and ask your question in an otherworldly voice.

3. A costume affair. Do it like they did in days of old: dress up like a famous historical couple (Napoleon and Josephine, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, etc.) and drop to one knee to deliver a Shakespearian love sonnet before proposing marriage.

4. Steal a line from the silver screen. Some of the best ideas for popping the question have come from the movies. Remember the ring-on-a-string scene from Stepmom or the serenade at 30,000 feet at the end of The Wedding Singer? Dress like a movie couple you admire and copycat their proposal. Want to tailor it to the holiday? Consider emulating the main characters from Tim Burton’s creepy claymation, Corpse Bride.

5. Graveside romance. Is your love still a little ghoul at heart? If she’s into the thrills and chills of Halloween, think about a proposal that is uniquely tailored to the holiday. Set up a graveside picnic at dusk, light a few candles, and propose to the glow of the pumpkins and the starry skies of All Hallows Eve.

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