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Ring Stories: Emerald Cut Engagement Ring for an Aussie Couple

by Ashley

At Adiamor, nothing makes us happier than working with clients to realize their vision of the perfect piece of customized jewelry. We’re proud of every design in our collection, but there’s something about making engagement and wedding day dreams come true that brings some particular pieces very close to our hearts. In Adiamor’s Ring Stories, we’ll feature the custom rings that we found exceptional joy in creating and have inspired so many happy customers to commission their own.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

One such project was a custom designed and crafted engagement ring for a client in Australia. This client wanted an engagement ring that would get noticed and communicate his fiancee’s unique tastes and style, and we worked together to create the one-of-a-kind ring pictured below.

Custom Engagement Ring on Hand

Australia is known for trailblazing sensibilities like originality, self-reliance, and a strong sense of adventure, qualities that we took into account when designing the perfect ring for this client. The unique but elegant aesthetic of the three angular center stones stands out in comparison to more traditional styles using round diamonds, and the warm yellow gold setting paired beautifully with sparkling white diamonds. The bright shine of the center stones and dozens of smaller accent diamonds in the yellow gold pave engagement ring setting was reminiscent of a romantic desert sunset.

Three stone engagement rings using angular shapes like the emerald cut center stone and baguette accents often have a decidedly vintage look, but the stylized setting of this ring is nothing but modern. A pave diamond floating halo broadly circles the center stones before each side joins to form a double-row pave set band. Bright 18 karat yellow gold provides a warm backdrop to this multi-toned custom piece.

Emerald Cut Diamond Stone

The center stone is an exquisite 0.90 emerald cut diamond that excels at each of the Four Cs of diamond quality grading. On a scale from D to Z, its color is graded as a solid F, one of the colorless grades for a stone and ideal for use in this type of yellow gold multi-stone setting. The diamond’s clarity grade is VVS1, meaning that it has very few flaws or inclusion and none that are visible without magnification. For a broad-facet shape like the emerald cut, clarity is extremely important to the appearance and value of the ring. Cut quality is always vital, as this factor most determines how much a diamond sparkles and reveals its fire, so for this project a stone graded as Excellent Cut was chosen.

The creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in this design can be a part of your special day as well. Get a quote on a custom engagement or wedding ring or contact us with your questions regarding custom jewelry design.

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