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Proposing to Him? Here’s How to Do It

by Craig

If you think guys have it tough trying to come up with clever and personal ways to propose, you’re absolutely right. And if you decide to relieve your special stud of his duty by doing it yourself, you’re going to find out just how difficult it is. Not only is it hard to find the exact right words to say and the perfect set-up in which to voice them, but you are probably more prone to emotional outpouring than your man, meaning you’re bound to be on an emotional roller coaster leading up to the big event. But with a great plan in place, you can control your excitement and stop sentimental outbursts (so as not to tip him off that something’s up before you pop the big question). Here are a few tips to help you get it together.

You’ll want to start with finding a ring. The most important part of any proposal (aside from the question) is the ring, so it has to be imbued with special meaning. While some people go for the gag and present a ring-pop to elicit a laugh, you’re better off taking the time to find something that truly suits your man (since he will have to wear it). Think about what he would like in terms of size, style, comfort, and design, and don’t forget to consider how it will look with a wedding ring.

The next step is to plan the proposal. Don’t just go for the tried-and-true dinner, ending with you taking a knee. If you’re going to do dinner, at least have the ring box brought out on a platter with his favorite desert. You could also make it special by taking him to the site of your first date as a way to stage the proposal. Or you could find out his dream travel destination and arrange a trip. You could even get tickets to a sporting event and make the proposal public. The truth is, as long as you make a personal gesture that speaks to your shared history and mutual love, you could ask for his hand in marriage anywhere (your favorite restaurant, the Eiffel Tower, or the privacy of your own bedroom).

Finally, consider ways that you can keep your little secret to yourself until the timing is right. You don’t want to blow it by letting your strong emotions trip you up. So think about doing some yoga, meditation, or other form of relaxation leading up to the big night. Basically, just keep yourself calm and focused if you want your plan to go off without a hitch.

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