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Share Your Engagement Story With Adiamor!

by Chris W

One thing we like to do is share engagement stories from happy couples. Recently, Ann emailed us with her engagement story from this summer. Ann said “Yes” in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  A vintage inspired 18k rose gold solitaire was the ring of her dreams. Check out Ann’s story below, and learn how you can share your story!

Ann’s Engagement Story

Here’s the story, in Ann’s own words:

“The two of us decided to go on an overnight camping trip, like we usually do most weekends. This trip I wanted to grill up something special for dinner so I decided to do an overnight brine and make a spice rub for some chicken wings to grill over an open flame. We headed up to our secret backcountry campsite that we usually go to but it turned out the road was closed due to the late snow storm that hit Colorado end of May. I couldn’t understand why Chris was so upset that spot wasn’t open until we finally set up camp elsewhere.

Once we were all set up at camp, he asked if I wanted to hike to the top of a nearby rock and watch the sunset. Up the rock we went and within minutes he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I screamed “Yes!” as tears of joy ran down my face. He stood up to put the ring on my finger, and as we hugged and kissed, our dog Lincoln barked loudly. We laughed as his bark echoed through the forest and mountains.”

engagement story photo

Ann and Chris with their dog Lincoln right after she said “Yes”

Share Your Story

If you want like to have your engagement story featured on the Adiamor blow, email us! Send an email to service@Adiamor.com with the subject “Engagement Story.” Include a photo in your email, and we may feature you on a future blog!

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