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How To Tell Your Mom You’re Getting Married

by Chris W

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things possible. The feeling of joy is matched only with the overwhelming feeling of love. However, not everyone takes engagement news the same way. With so many children moving away from home and starting their adult lives elsewhere, there’s a good chance your mom hasn’t spent a ton of quality time with your future husband. Plus, some parents find it hard to let their children go. Therefore, telling mom you’re getting married can be hard. It can be doubly so if your fiancee didn’t ask permission from your family ahead of time. In order to have the conversation go as smoothly as possible, make sure you and your fiancee are prepared.

How To Tell Mom You’re Getting Married

In most cases, parents are thrilled to hear that their children have found love. However, sharing the news that you’ve just received the engagement ring of your dreams can be difficult. Many parents are very protective of their children, and they will want to speak at length to your future husband. When telling your parents you are getting married, be sure to temper their desire to grill your fiancee. Focus on how happy you are, how beautiful the diamond ring is, and your plans for the future. One thing can really keep the peace is having a date selected. This shows your family that you’re serious about your marriage and future together.

getting married

Getting married is exciting news to share with your family.

The best way to tell your parents is in person. However, this is not always practical. In the days before social media, the news of your engagement could last until a trip home was planned. Now, though, engagement news spreads quickly, and in many cases a phone will have to suffice. If possible, video chat is a better way to tell your parents you’re getting married. They’ll be able to see your excitement, you’ll be able to present a unified front, and you’ll be able to show of the diamond engagement ring.

Things To Avoid

In the rare instance that your parents might be overly worried or potentially upset, warn your fiancee ahead of time. They will need to be prepared to answer tough questions, especially if you haven’t had the chance to spend lots of time together. Be sure to keep the conversation positive, and boost the confidence of your partner as needed. If you know the conversation could quickly turn sour, try and keep it short as possible. Finally, be sure to let your mother know you’re a grown woman, and you’ve made the best decision in your life saying yes.

If you find that your mother is still worried about your engagement news, perhaps it’s time to visit and show her the engagement ring in person!

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