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How To Tell Your Proposal Story To Strangers

by Chris W

If you recently became engaged, then congratulations are in order. However, one thing you may not be prepared for is how to tell your proposal story to strangers. While it may seem odd that you would need to consider this, the fact of the matter is you’ll need to practice. In fact, you’ll probably be retelling the story quite frequently in the coming months. Wedding planning will require working with many different types of people across industries, but you should be ready to tell your story over and over. In order to help you prepare for telling your proposal story, we’ve put together this short guide to help you remember the most important parts.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first questions many people ask is “where did he propose?” Although you may want to give a quick answer such as “at the beach” or “on vacation”, you should share details about the proposal location. While it may seem insignificant at the time, providing the small details can help wedding consultants and planners do their job. Little moments from the proposal story might influence wedding announcements, reception decorations, or perhaps even the wedding rings.  Additionally, the location of your proposal will remain with you forever. It helps to keep those memories fresh by remembering the little things. Think about the time of day, the smell of the air, and how the location makes your proposal story unique. All of these things will help you explain your love to the strangers who are helping put the wedding together.

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You’ll always remember the moment he dropped to one knee.

Get The Words Just Right, Even If He Didn’t

Proposing is an exciting moment, and it’s possible all of the exact words are now a blur. Did he tell you how beautiful you look without mumbling? Did he mention spending the rest of your lives together before showing the ring? Chances are you were so excited at the sight of the engagement ring that you don’t remember every word. However, this is quite common for many brides to be! Plus, the other good news is you get to retell the story how you want to, so if he mixed up his words a little bit, no one else has to know. Telling your proposal story will help you remember the moment the way you felt it happened.

Don’t Make Your Proposal Story Last Too Long

While some wedding planning events can take hours– just ask any lady who has tried on dresses– many of the planning requires shorter interactions with strangers. Although the caterers are thrilled you’ve hired them, they probably don’t want an hour of your story. As your engagement story gets more refined, you’ll find the right places to keep the story quick. Meeting with the wedding officiant probably requires a longer story than meeting with the bartenders, for example.

In the end, your proposal story will forever be your moment. Remember it the best you can, and be prepared to share it with tons of strangers. To make it easier, keep it short, and focus on the best details of the time he dropped to a knee. This makes wedding planning interactions easier, and you’ll be prepared to share the story when someone tells you “Congrats!”

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