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Weddings are for Brides; Proposals for Grooms

by Craig

Once you become an adult, it seems like there are a lot less opportunities for truly spectacular events in your life. When you’re a kid you have birthdays, holidays, and breaks from school to look forward to. As an adult, it’s just day after day of going to work, cleaning the house, and hopefully getting some free time on the weekend for a little R&R. Birthdays and holidays lose their luster, melting together into a blur of feasting and gifting (except maybe when you enter a new decade and decide to do something cool, like take a cruise or host a huge party). So when it comes to preparing for a wedding, it is a big deal! It’s a celebration of love that will involve all of your family and friends, which is why it’s really too bad that the groom is largely left out of the planning process.

Let’s face it: women take over wedding plans. Maybe the groom wants to help and maybe he doesn’t, but the truth is that he probably won’t even get the chance. If he’s lucky, he’ll get to pick his own tux (as long as it matches the wedding colors) and the best man (as long as it isn’t someone the bride hates). In short, men are virtually excluded from participating in one of the biggest events in their adult lives. Somehow it doesn’t seem entirely fair.

Luckily, there is one portion of the process where the groom is allowed to shine, and that is during the proposal. You may not have much input after she says yes and dons the engagement ring, but the manner in which you choose to propose is entirely up to you, and you have the opportunity to make the event special and memorable. This means you should probably make a real effort rather than simply phoning it in with a nice dinner that ends with you on one knee.

Sporting events are popular, as are parties that allow you to propose in front of a massive group of friends and family (but you’d better be sure she’ll say yes if you go this route). You can also keep it between just the two of you. Has she always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower? Take her on a whirlwind trip to Paris and propose at the top of this iconic structure. The point is, make it your own and make it something she’ll love. Put some thought into your proposal because honestly, it’s your big moment in the marriage arena and you want to give it all you’ve got!

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