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Appropriate Jewelry for a Summer Wedding

by Craig

Although diamonds and pearls are pretty standard fare at weddings, you’ll want to tailor your pieces specifically to a summer wedding style if you plan to say “I do” during the months of June, July, or August. But what does such a process entail? It’s really not too hard to figure out if you consider that wearing large or heavy accessories will almost certainly be uncomfortable in the heat of the season. Here are a few easy, breezy pieces you may want to consider.

For starters, you’ll have to figure out what you’re doing with your hair. If it’s up, as most summer brides prefer, you should opt to place the emphasis on your exposed earlobes with a pretty pair of pearl drops. Why not diamonds? There’s a method to the madness. While it’s nice to have a little sparkle near your face, a large pair of diamond studs could detract from your natural glow come photo time. So unless you want to take all your snapshots in the shade, go for some gorgeous pearls. If you want just a bit of glitz, get a pair that has diamond accents or opt for small diamond studs or hoops with inlaid stones.

If you opt for a half up-do instead, skip the earrings (or go for small pearl studs) and add some attention to your neckline. The look of the summer bride is often spare in the area of décolletage (as in lower necklines). Accentuate this look with a diamond pendant. Since it isn’t too close to your face, you can go a bit bigger on the stone. A strand of small pearls that falls just above the neckline of your dress is equally good (and sure to stay neutral in photos).

You may also want to go with a spare, bare neck to show off those gorgeous collar bones (you never know), in which case you could bring some glam to your ensemble with a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. This is a great way to add some sparkle to your outfit without having it anywhere near your face. No matter what your personal style, a summer wedding demands that you tone down the jewelry. So opt for pieces that are smaller, and keep the stunners away from your face. You don’t want to spoil the photos with flashy jewelry and your groom should be blinded by your brilliant smile, not the glare from your accessories.

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