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Why Art Deco Engagement Rings Are Amazing

by Sa Bal
Emerald Halo Engagement Setting in Lacquered Wood Box

Looking at the latest engagement ring trends today will make you nostalgic for the vintage styles from the 1920s. This refined style of jewelry has made its way into women’s collections for decades. Lately, you can see a renewed interest in deco-inspired rings such our collection of antique engagement rings with princess cut diamonds and French halo rings for square diamonds. Whether you choose to buy a buy a modern setting or you are given an heirloom, the Art Deco style will always look elegant and timeless.

Still unsure if buying your loved one an art deco ring is be the right choice?  Well you can learn a bit more about the historic fashion here and be confident that your future spouse will love their ring.

What Are Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art deco is a famous ornamental style from the 1920s, characterized by unique geometric patterns and distinct abstract designs. The jewelry contained strong geometric patterns and opulent gem setting.  

The design was a massive hit as suffragettes and flappers of the 20s were not interested in the cameos, diadems and tiaras of Victorian England. They liked to adorn their clothes with long necklaces, rings, bracelets, and long earrings. These pieces of jewelry looked great with their their plunging necklines, short skirts, and hair. Today, the fashion is returning to prominence.

Art Deco became a movement and evolved from highly detailed, large, organic diamond shapes to detailed designs. These designs, especially the bold shapes, are quite prevalent in today’s rings.

What Makes Art Deco Engagement Rings Unique?

The classic and gorgeous look of art deco engagement rings makes them enviable compared to many other rings. While they come in many shapes and fashions, there are a few distinct features which truly define the style.

Pave Set Sidestones

Shapes can vary from piece to piece in the art deco rings but a row of pave set diamonds on the band is common in the Art Deco style. The uniform sparkle will accent your center diamond whether it be round, pear, asscher or any of the fancy shapes. The result will be sleek, bold, and trendy but will also remain en vogue for decades into the future, just as it has decades into the past. 

Diamond Halos

Edwardian ring styles feature many diamonds in the design and the art deco engagement ring is the modern version of the halo jewels that draw roots from an old era. With their linear design and symmetry, contemporary halos can couple the elegance of the 1920s with the slender, refined styles of 2020s. These rings come with connected diamonds around the band and embracing the center diamond.

Geometric Patterns

Art deco jewelry is also defined by its geometry. Clearly defined square diamonds, such as radiant or cushion, will draw the eye. Designers include additional geometric diamond shapes such as trilliants and baguettes to display an opulence and glamour that would make Gatsby proud.

White Metals

The white gold art deco engagement ring comes with a stunning fillagree setting and unique geometrical design. This innovation and creativity open the door to many ring wearers who want an affordable white metal alternative to gold.    

The demand for white metal deco engagement rings has increased dramatically in the past few years. Many women opt for white gold because of its timeless beauty and perfect combination. If you want to customize an engagement ring design with an art deco in platinum or white gold, you can choose a budget-friendly option.

However, if you like to keep it classic, choose a gold halo engagement ring with accurate art deco aesthetics. It is a perfect mélange of   1920s ring design and some modern features.  

Bezel Setting

Bezel’s setting marks another contemporary trend that perfectly fits in the Art Deco movement. Although the innovative trend of the bezel setting doesn’t predate the 1920s era, it remained popular for years. It is the oldest known setting of the Art Deco era.

With its sophisticated, clean, and symmetrical design, you can see why it fits in with all Art Deco engagement rings. Bezel setting engagement rings also feature fillagree elements that add a unique texture to the rings.

Art Deco Engagement Rings – Platinum and Diamond

Diamonds were the preferable gemstones during the famous art deco period.  Many jewelers set the rings in platinum because of their resistance and durability, and strength. Plus, the malleability of platinum allows jewelers to design intricate outlines and shapes similar to Art Deco jewelry.

A visually striking and popular combination of that era is a huge, colorless diamond. It is most often set in a solitaire and platinum setting. The designers flank the ring with symmetrical diamond stones. Also, in the Art Deco era, accent stones (small diamonds) were quite popular. Jewelers used them in pave setting- a technique that lines the shank of diamonds around the ring.

If you want an inexpensive alternative to high-end platinum that retains the Art Deco style, go for yellow gold and white gold.   

Art Deco Engagement Rings- Contrasting Colors

There is no denying that bold and vibrant color contrasts are the signature style of beautiful art deco engagement rings.  You can achieve a dramatic result by using sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Some other colorful contrast may include lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise, and coral jade.

That is to say, if you like adding colors to an Art Deco engagement ring, there are plenty of gemstones you can choose from.  For instance, you can select various pink gemstones, green gemstones, and blue gemstones.  Mother-of-pearls and crystal also make a chic splash of colors in Art Deco ring design.

Summing Up

Overall, if you want to create a memorable moment with your loved, you should give art deco engagement rings a look. Their unique beauty makes these rings make an excellent choice for your big day.

Jewelers use substantial cuts with top table facets, particularly emerald cuts, triangle cuts, and baguettes.

That makes the rings highly valued jewelry pieces. The historical design of an Art Deco ring reflects a never-before-seen artistic trend, modern technology, and social freedom. Thus, the Art Deco is a stunning, unique, and antique piece of ornament you can choose for any occasion.  

Still want to know more? Read our in depth look at the Art Deco trend starting here.

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