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Diamonds for Doggie

by Craig

If you’re a lover of all things bling, then you’ve no doubt embraced every innovative use of diamonds that’s popped up in the last decade (and there have been a lot!). You likely have a jewelry case (or closet) full of necklaces, rings, and tiaras galore. You may also have decorated your cell phone, clothing, hood ornament, and eating utensils with glittery gems. Even a diamond-crusted fake fingernail is not too over the top! You might even have devoted yourself to adorning your home with diamond accoutrements from faucets to floor tiles to photo frames. So if you think you’ve reached the end of your ability to bejewel all in your domain, you may be surprised to learn that there are quite a few diamond-themed accessories for the well-mannered pooch in your life.

1. Dog collar. Every Fido or Fifi can benefit from a few well placed studs or a sparkly crusting of crushed gems. And the one item they wear the most is probably the best place to start. So frost man’s best friend with a girl’s best friend by purchasing some doggie diamond neckwear to rival your own.

2. Food dish. Whether it’s metal, ceramic, or eco-friendly bamboo, your dog’s bowl could do with a little TLC. So imprint a pattern of dog bones, paw prints, or imminently edible animals like chicken, fish, and lamb. Pretty much any picture you like can be outlined in accent stones or brilliant baguettes.

3. Bedding. You could give your pooch the puffiest pillow from the pet store, but why go for something so tame? Your dog deserves better! So monogram their resting space or draw a diamond portrait on the side of their pet pavilion to usher them off to doggie dreamland.

4. Clothes. Your sweatpants say “Pink”, but they’re only studded with rhinestones. Give your dog’s wardrobe the diamond treatment by branding their hoodies, vests, and jumpers with a trendy fleur de lis or a regal crown stencil.

5. Carrier. With a diamond-studded carrier, your poochie pal can travel in style and everyone will see that your dog is just as fashion-forward as you.

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