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Diamonds or Pearls: Which Are Right for Your Wedding?

by Craig

The two most traditional looks when it comes to wedding jewelry are diamonds and pearls. This is because they go with everything. Most commonly, pearls are white and diamonds and colorless, making them ideal for the woman who wants to have gorgeous, sophisticated jewelry for her wedding day that doesn’t detract from her overall look, appear too loud, or clash with her wedding colors (or cause her photos to become dated as some color trends can). In short, they are the perfect choice. But which is the right one for you, and what could your bridal jewelry selection say?

Pearls, on the whole, are a good match because they are white. A single strand of pearls around the neck, stud earrings, and maybe even a bracelet will all look fabulous and understated on any girl who walks down the aisle. They will add to your overall look in a way that is completely classy and refined without marking you for a showoff. In fact, it’s just about impossible to overdo pearls unless you load on several strands. Of course, they are extremely traditional, meaning they could make you look a little stodgy. So make sure you opt for a simple but modern twist if you want a younger aesthetic.

Diamonds are also an excellent choice. Unlike pearls, they bring a little bling to your outfit. After all, every girl wants to shine on her wedding day. The only potential downfall of diamonds is that most women don’t know how to wear them properly, so they end up overdoing it. Ladies: bigger is not always better! Embrace the philosophy that less is more when you don diamonds for you big day. If you’re wearing a diamond necklace or even a large pendant, opt for less ostentatious stud earrings instead of drops. Do it in moderation so that you’re not dripping in gems (and coming across as a rube). You do NOT want your jewelry to wear you!

But there is a third option; you could also go for a combination of diamonds and pearls. In fact, this might be the best choice. You can wear the amount of jewelry you want without looking tacky, and still get a hint of the sparkle that diamonds can provide (via accent stones). No matter what you choose, tasteful accessorizing is the key to looking great. So whether you opt for diamonds, pearls, or a combination of the two, keep it light and you’ll enjoy lovely, timeless photos of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

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