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How Your Engagement Ring Expresses Your Personality

by Craig

Most women feel that their engagement ring speaks to their personal style, but what if it’s saying more than you think? In truth, the ring a woman chooses to wear (or helps her fiancé to pick for her) can say a lot about her personality, whether she low-key, high-brow, ostentatious, or more of a wallflower. A ring can speak volumes about the wearer. So what is your ring telling others about you? Here are just a few examples.

1. Round cut. Beautiful, traditional, and practical, this is the cut overwhelmingly chosen by the bride-to-be (you can thank Tiffany for that). The woman with this cut has both common sense and a desire for longevity. A smaller stone denotes that the woman is not too fussy while a larger stone shows a certain amount of confidence.

2. Princess cut. This is a ring that says high maintenance. You’ve no doubt heard of bridezillas, and the girl who picks this cut may just turn out to be one. This is not to say that every woman with a princess cut aims to be on a pedestal, but you’re definitely going to find a strong personality lurking behind this glamorous, prominent, and less-than-practical sparkler (with pointy edges, you’re going to have trouble performing normal daily tasks with this ring on, like getting dressed, for example). This is a woman used to getting her way.

3. Emerald cut. This old-school cut is not for the faint of heart. The woman who wears it knows her diamond lore (since the large table requires a practically flawless stone) and she wants to display her culture. She needn’t be flashy or loud; she has class and she knows it.

4. Pear shaped. The woman who chooses this off-kilter cut likes to color outside the lines. She is a fun-lover and enjoys a touch of the fantastic. She may be a lot to handle, adventurous as she is, and she doesn’t always look before she leaps. But one thing is certain; life will never be dull with a girl who selects this diamond for her engagement ring.

5. No stone. An engagement ring without a diamond may seem antithetical, but the bold woman who wears one is proclaiming her independence. She a slave to neither sentimentality nor the constructs of man. Although she is more than happy to show her devotion to a fiancé, she is bound and determined to do it on her own terms and without bowing to the social pressure to conform.

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