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Thin Band Engagement Rings Are On Trend

by Ashley

Thin band engagement rings are among the most flattering styles available, and their versatility and delicate appearance have elevated them to contemporary classic status while simultaneously placing them among the top trends of the year ahead.

Almost any style of wedding band is comfortable to wear with a thin engagement ring, as the streamlined design of a thin band leaves plenty of room for different shapes and custom fit rings for your wedding day. Thin bands can also trick the eye and make fingers look longer and more elegant.

Despite their small surface area, thin bands can be beautifully finished and accented to suit every woman’s personal style. The different metals, gem stones, and fine details possible ensure that thin band engagement rings are never boring.

Plain Bands for Thin Band Engagement Rings

Variations on the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring are well-suited to the thin band trend. The simple yet dramatic contrast of a glossy, unadorned band crowned by a perfect sparkling diamond is even more striking when a slim, delicate setting is chosen. A band measuring between 1.5mm and 2.0mm in width is the ideal size for the thin band look and puts the spotlight where it belongs: on your gorgeous center stone.

In the selections below, the versatile qualities of a simple thin band are demonstrated in the markedly different looks created by setting each one with a different center stone. The traditional round and princess cut designs offer a classic look for this perennial favorite, while the oval cut diamond (shown here with and without a halo accent) offers something a little more offbeat for those craving a little modernity with thin band engagement rings.

Thin Band Solitaire Engagment Rings

From left: 1.7mm Dainty Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting in 14k White Gold, starting at $298 (R3046); 1.7mm Plain Band Oval Halo Engagement Setting in Platinum, starting at $1340 (R3015); 1.7mm Dainty Solitaire Engagement Setting in Platinum, starting at $790 (R3046); 2mm Classic Solitaire Setting in 18k White Gold, starting at $298 (R2938)

Diamond Accented Thin Band Engagement Rings

Diamond halo settings or settings for solitaire stones accented with small pave set diamonds are stunning in any form, and when created as a thin band engagement ring setting the effect is dazzling. Choose a white metal like platinum or white gold for a look in which the diamonds seem to float above your hand, or a warmer toned metal like yellow gold or our wonderful 18k rose gold for a beautiful contrast.

Here, we’ve chosen both angular and rounded center stones, with and without halos, to illustrate the varied effects of different materials and design features. Choose a metal based on skin tone, wardrobe, or simply the way you feel when you imagine wearing it during the many happy years you and your beloved will share.

Thin Band Diamond Accented Engagment Rings

From left: 1.5mm French Cut Basket Setting With Diamond Accents in Platinum, starting at $1750 (R2972) ; French Cut Halo Setting for Round Diamond in 18k Rose Gold, starting at $1390 (R2960); French Cut Square Halo Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, starting at $1390 (R2961); Classic Pave Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold, starting at $825 (R2934)

Settings for Fancy Diamond Shapes

We’ve already discussed the lengthening effect of thin engagement rings on fingers. For an even more pronounced effect, pair a thin band setting with an elongated diamond shape from our fancy shapes diamond selection. The one-two punch of a slim setting with a marquise, pear, oval, or emerald cut diamond is utterly dazzling, and creates the long, lean look of aristocratic hands. This design choice also has the added benefit of making your center stone look much larger that it would on a thicker band.

In addition to the lean look these styles give, pairing fancy diamond shapes with bright metals or sparkling diamond accents results in unique, stylish pieces that ladies with non-traditional tastes adore. The rings featured below are just a few of the combinations possible with our options for customizing center stones, metal type, and setting style. Browse our site or read our blog post about building your own engagement ring at Adiamor.com for even more choices!

Thin Band Engagment Rings For Fancy Shaped Diamonds From left: 2mm French Cut Basket Setting With Emerald Cut Diamond in 18k Rose Gold, starting at $1670 (R3043); Plain Band Oval Halo Engagement Setting in Platinum, starting at $1340 (R3015); Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Setting in 14k Yellow Gold, starting at $1250 (R2963); French Cut Halo Setting for Marquise Cut Center Stone in 18k White Gold, starting at $1390 (R2962)

Thin Matching or Complementing Wedding Bands

One of the greatest benefits of wearing an engagement ring with a thin band is how easily these styles fit alongside wedding bands. A narrow setting can be comfortably worn with a wedding band in any width or style without the full wedding set becoming too bulky or heavy for daily wear. Choosing a thin band for both your engagement ring and your wedding ring allows you to maintain the stylish, attractive thin-band look.

Thin Band Wedding Rings

From left: 1.5mm French Cut Pave Diamond Eternity Band in 14k White Gold, starting at $1190 (R2987); Curved Pave Set Thin Wedding Band in 18k White Gold, starting at $725 (R2912); Small Shared Prong Diamond Band in Platinum, starting at $1195 (R2908); Thin Band Solitaire Engagement and Wedding Band Set in Platinum, starting at $1950 (M1782)

The thin band trend can be counted among the rare styles that look wonderful on almost everyone. Wearers with short or thick fingers can achieve a more average appearance with a thin band, while the long, elegant lines of other hand and finger shapes are accentuated and amplified by a delicate ring setting.

For almost 70 years, Adiamor has been a trusted name in the fine jewelry industry, serving customers across the country and worldwide.  We love helping couples find perfect engagement rings, wedding bands, and upscale fashion pieces for their proposals, wedding days, and daily lives. Visit the Adiamor.com blog regularly for more posts in the On Trend series.


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