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Will Halo Engagement Rings go out of style? What you Need to Know Before you Buy

by Ansley
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Picking the right engagement ring is kind of a big deal. It’s not just about the ‘look’ but about finding the ring that reflects your unique love for your partner. How can you truly say ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ with just a ring? With so many styles out there, it can be hard to know which is the best ring for a one-of-a-kind love. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

Looking back at engagement rings throughout the decades, styles have come and gone without a turn of the head. However, one ring that continues to bounce back time and time again is the halo ring. This elegant ring style has been a highly sought-after engagement ring for decades. But with the ever-growing changes in trends, is the halo ring finally going out of style? Today, we’re going to go over this ring style and everything you need to know before you buy.

What is a Halo Engagement Ring? 

To start, what even is a halo ring? A halo ring can best be described as a ring with round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds around a large center jewel. This is a ring that speaks luxury and finesse and has been carefully designed to draw your focus in on its gorgeous central diamond with its miraculous flash. This ring style has been highly sought after since its first major appearance in the 1920s and has remained the second most popular engagement ring style in the world since.

History of Halo Engagement Rings 

When it comes to the history of this timeless ring, it’s true; the halo ring has skyrocketed in recent years. However, this lavish ring style wasn’t always so popular.

The origins of this elegant style can be traced as far back as the early Georgian era (1714-1837) in Europe. However, Halo engagement rings saw a huge increase in popularity upon entering the Victorian era (1837-1901) and stayed in the public eye for many years following it. Jumping ahead to the times of the Great Depression, the halo ring lost its popularity. And upon the start of WW2, it began to fade from the eyes of lovers entirely.

In the 1960s, when art deco engagement ring styles came back in style, the halo ring surged once again. This brought with it an old-world charm and timeless opulence that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Today, halo engagement rings have once again risen in popularity and are favored by many brides to be.

Halo Ring Trends in the Last 5 Years

Now, to get an accurate answer to if halo rings are going out of style, we have to take a look at ring trends through history. Through the years, there have been many different popular ring styles that are traditionally bought more frequently than others. However, according to a study run by a fellow jewelry company, it was found that the halo ring was the “leading trend in engagement ring fashion for the past five years in 41 states and made up between 20% and 39% of total purchases between 2015 and 2019” (Shaneco.com). Therefore, if this study is accurate, this means that 1 in every 5 proposals had a halo ring involved (and that’s a pretty big deal for a ring that’s supposedly going out of style).

What Makes Them so Popular?

So, we’ve gone over these rings, but what makes them so popular? Well, perhaps the biggest reason the halo ring has become so popular throughout time is that it is so versatile. And thanks to features like the platinum engagement ring search on jewelry websites, it’s easier than ever to customize these rings in size, shape, and design. However, the most unique and beautiful thing about halo rings is that no matter what you do to change them, they never lose that timeless and exquisite touch of finesse that lovers so desperately crave. From vintage-inspired rings like the octagon halo ring or even marquise halo rings, their beauty is beyond words every single time. And that unmatchable classic elegance is what truly makes them incomparable to any other ring.

Final Thoughts: Are Halo Engagement Rings Going out of Style?

In conclusion, halo engagement rings are a breathtaking ring style truly unlike any other. From simple oval-shaped rings to extravagant round halos, their carefully crafted design is ageless and beyond compare. And because they are so unique, this is truly a ring that can thrive in any decade. Therefore, you never have to worry about this beautiful design going out of style. And if you ask us, a halo ring would be an excellent choice to adorn your love with.

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