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What Are The Best Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings?

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you may have been asked “what type of metal do you prefer the ring to be made out of?”  Rose gold is becoming more popular with its beautiful pink color.  It is composed of both gold and copper, and it is the high percentage of copper that produces the warm and rich rose metal color.  Since copper alloys were most common in the 19th century, most antique jewelry is rose gold.  It has become even more sought after in recent years with a look that is both modern and vintage.  The rosy warm color is a romantic look and pairs beautifully with diamonds; it is also suitable for all skin tones due to its soft appearance.

Adiamor R2998 paired with R2987
Adiamor R2972 paired with R2982








1. French Cut Basket

One style that is very popular is the French cut basket setting. It looks great in rose gold and with an oval cut center diamond.  Both Blake Lively and Julianne Hough have oval cut diamond center stones set in a rose gold setting.  Our Adiamor R2981 is an elegant choice in rose gold. It showcases the oval center diamond and has a dainty band at 1.5mm wide with diamonds that extend half way down the band.  The basket is adorned with French cut diamonds. You are also able to customize this ring by adding diamonds to the prongs for added brilliance!

French Cut Basket and Oval Diamond
Close up of Blake Lively’s Ring

2. French Cut Cushion Halo

Another engagement ring setting that looks great in rose gold is the French cut cushion halo with a round center diamond.  Evan Peters proposed to Emma Roberts with a round cut diamond center stone set in a rose gold cushion shape halo.  Our Adiamor version, R2940 features brilliant cut round diamonds that total approximately 0.35 carat total weight on the setting.  This cushion halo setting can accommodate both a cushion cut center stone as well as a round cut.  Shown with a round cut center stone, it has the best of both worlds: the brilliance of a round diamond and the soft edges of the cushion shape halo.  Alternative center stone shapes can also be found in our Adiamor French Cut Halo Collection.
French Cut Cushion Halo

3. The Dainty Solitaire

The Dainty Solitaire setting with a round cut center diamond is simple and refined, while at the same time modern and stylish in rose gold.  Lauren Conrad made this style popular.  Here she pairs her engagement ring with a French cut diamond wedding band.  Our Adiamor version, R3046 is 1.7mm wide and can be set with any shape or size center stone of your choice.  The simplicity of this ring is timeless and will never go out of style, while the rose gold metal is a soft and romantic touch.  If you want a style that will make your center stone stand out, then this is the ring for you!

Dainty Solitaire and Round Diamond

4. Custom 3 Row Micro Pave Basket

Oval cut diamonds look great when set in a rose gold custom 3-row micro pave basket engagement ring setting.  Whitney Port’s engagement ring from Tim Rosenman is both classic and modern at the same time.  This fashionista is all about standing out and being unique, which is exactly what her rose gold oval cut engagement ring says.  Our Adiamor version, R3077 is absolute perfection!  This ring has 3 rows of micro pave diamonds for the maximum amount of brilliance!  This ring with an oval cut center diamond is stunning, but can be made for any diamond shape that you select.

3 Row Micro Pave and Oval Diamond

5. Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement

A bezel set solitaire setting with an Asscher cut center diamond looks beautiful in rose gold.  When Adam Brody proposed to Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, he did it with this Art Deco inspired bezel set solitaire in rose gold with an Asscher cut center diamond.  Our bezel set solitaire version R3055 is sophisticated and modern.  The band is 1.7mm wide and can be polished to a sand, matte, hammered, or high polish finish.  This has a true vintage feel that will never go out of style!

Bezel Set Solitaire and Asscher Diamond

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What is an Eternity Band?

An eternity band is a ring which has diamonds that go all the way around it. This type of ring comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Many eternity rings have round diamonds, but they are also made with fancy shapes including princess, emerald cut and Asscher cut diamonds. Eternity bands are a classic choice for a ring, and have been incredibly popular throughout history.

Marilyn Monroe's Eternity Band

Marilyn Monroe’s Eternity Band

Adiamor specializes in custom designed eternity bands, similar to this gorgeous creation featuring emerald cut diamonds! Call Adiamor for pricing and details to create your one-of–kind diamond eternity ring. Or get Marilyn’s look for less, with this sophisticated invisible-set diamond baguette band.

Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring from Adiamor
Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring from Adiamor

Invisible Set Diamond Band

Invisible Set Diamond Band

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A Growing Trend: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Lately, rose gold engagement rings have been spotted on celebrities like LeAnn Rimes, Miley Cyrus and Blake Lively. Rose gold is a unique choice and offers a personalized, delicate twist on a classic gold or silver setting that’s both eye-catching and interesting.

So, for all of the non-celebrities like you and I, what is rose gold and why is everyone so crazy about it? Rose gold, along with white and black gold, actually starts out as pure gold which comes in various shades and tones of yellow.  To produce different colors in gold, a small amount of another metallic element is combined with the purified metal.  Perhaps you are familiar with the term ‘alloying’.  This is precisely what this combination process is called.  For instance, white gold is an alloy of gold.  It is produced when gold is combined with nickel, manganese or palladium to produce a ‘white’ or silver-like appearance.

In the case of rose gold, a small amount of copper is thoroughly blended into the pure gold to create the warm, delicate, pinkish shade akin to… you guessed it… a rose!  In addition to altering color, you’ll be pleased to know that the dash of copper also strengthens the gold (which is naturally an extremely soft metal), making it more durable for crafting jewelry and other items.

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are a departure from the classic solitaire, princess cut diamond set in a silver band or white gold band – which is what makes them intriguing for celebrities and non-celebrities alike! The warm rose tones are also ideal for mixing and matching as they pair well with a variety of metals. For example, a rose gold engagement ring can be paired with a gold or silver wedding band (or vice versa) for an elegant and fashionable contrast.

adiamor ring blog

Adiamor specializes in the creation of exquisite, handcrafted jewelry. To see our complete collection of rose gold engagement rings, or all other available jewelry, please visit our website. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect ring for your special day!

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Unique Engagement Rings: How to Fit the Ring to the Personality of Your Bride-To-Be

Many women dream about the day their guy will get down on one knee and present them with a breathtaking, dazzling, and unique engagement ring.  Before the jewelry box opens, butterflies flutter, the stars align, and the anticipation grows sweeter… she thinks, “will it be the ring I’ve been dreaming about at all this time?”

There is no question that there are many different types of unique engagement rings to choose from. With a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, choosing the perfect ring may seem like an overwhelming decision.  So, how do guys know if they have really picked out the engagement ring she has been dreaming of? In order to gather some ideas, it may be a good idea to research what engagement rings a few of her favorite A-list celebrities chose to express their affection.

Here are some examples:

1. The Not-So Basic Solitaire: One look at Jennifer Garner and it’s plain to see that she is a basic kind of gal with no nonsense about her.   Jennifer is strikingly beautiful, classy, and elegant; yet she has no problem flaunting her casual, ‘tomboy’ like charm.  This is probably why Ben Affleck chose a simple but striking solitaire for her engagement ring.  There’s nothing ordinary about Jennifer’s solitaire engagement ring. This $500,000 cushion cut beauty weighs in at 4.5 glamorous carats.

Guys can find something similar to this magnificent ring at Adiamor in 14k, 18k or platinum.

2.  The ‘7 Year’ Cut:  It took them seven years to get around to being engaged, but when Brad finally proposed to Angie, he made it count. For a rumored $500,000, Brad designed a stunning and unique emerald cut center diamond engagement ring weighing in at an estimate of 7 carats.  The surrounding channel-set tablet stones are said to add a meager 9 to 10 carats.  Angie, with a widely known reputation as a rebel with a bleeding heart, is also sexy, confident, and beautifully distinct.  Brad seemed to fully understand just what type of ring would capture her unique traits, so, he helped design something for Angie that is as distinctive and sophisticated as she is. Perhaps it took him 7 years to get the design just right. Whatever the case may be– well done, Brad!

To emulate this fascinating and unique style, a classic emerald cut will certainly do the trick.

3. A Diamond Explosion with a Pop of Color:   For women who love a bit of color, there’s nothing like a diamond ring accented with a few colorful stones.  Justin Timberlake seemed to take notice of Jessica Biel’s love for color and proposed to her with a vintage-inspired diamond featuring two light blue sapphire stones on each side of the center stone.  Both sapphire stones are surrounded by a delicate circle of pave set diamonds. The center cushion cut style diamond is enormous and bright, capturing the attention of onlookers.

To go with a similar option, consider a pink sapphire accented, Bezel set setting or a baguette, pave, and sapphire engagement setting.

When ready to pop the question, guys should take serious time to think about what engagement ring would be the absolute finest choice for their sweetheart.  Adiamor has a selection of unique engagement rings that fit the personality of every woman, from classic and conservative to unique and outspoken.  With a vast selection of settings, shapes, and styles; along with an extremely helpful engagement guide, you’ll be sure to find something she’l treasure for a lifetime.

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Celebrity Engagement Rings Dazzle In Different Ways


As actresses, singers, and celebrities alike display their celebrity engagement rings, one thing is certain — variety rules. There are as many dynamic new creations caressing the ring fingers of high profile women as there are engagements. Here are just a few recent examples:
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Actor Ryan Reynolds displayed his deep affection for actress Blake Lively in more ways than one when they got engaged. He teamed up with celebrity jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz, to actually help design the engagement ring that he would slip onto the finger of the future Mrs. Reynolds.

As celebrity engagement rings go, Blake’s is both delicate and classy. A band of small diamonds surrounds a light pink oval diamond that is absolutely flawless. Reynolds contributed his artistic touch in helping to create the rose gold custom setting.

In October, the red carpet at the Chanel Bijoux De Diamant 80th Anniversary Celebration in New York Cityoffered a suitable backdrop for Blake’s light pink oval diamond, now conjoined to the new Mrs. Reynolds’ diamond wedding band.

                                                                                          Emily Maynard and Jeff Holm
An emerald-cut engagement ring was center stage on the season finale of ‘The Bachelorette.’ Emily Maynard said ‘yes!’ to Jeff Holm’s heartfelt proposal; love symbolized by a custom hand made Neil Lanecreation. No less than 87 smaller cut diamonds surround the 3.5 carat emerald-cut stone. ‘You will never feel lonely ever again,’ Holm promised, ‘midst the enchantment of the tropical isle of Curaçao.
Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger
Canadian Avril Lavigne and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger miraculously succeeded in keeping their six month courtship rather quiet. It culminated in August with Chadproposing to Avril with a 14-carat diamond ring that was a little more high profile than their half a year of dating. The versatile rocker has experienced recent success with her Abbey Dawn clothing line. With Lavigne saying ‘yes’ on August 8th, Kroeger is now enjoying success beyond music as well.
Contact us for expert and caring assistance in selecting your perfect engagement ring.
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The Two Rules for Celebrity Engagement Rings: Big and Shiny


If you’re shopping for celebrity engagement rings, check with Sofia Vergara about diamond size.

The 40-year-old “Modern Family” star says the one she just got from her on-again-off-again love of the past four years, Nick Loeb, is just right:
“It is perfection,” the Colombian-born actress says in the November issue of Lucky magazine. “If it was bigger, it would be too big to wear. But if it was smaller, I would not like.”
Lucky describes Vergara’s diamond engagement ring as the size of a Chicklet … which probably fits her love-of-luxury lifestyle to a tee.
Vergara and her ring have been drawing as many admiring glances and celebrity-magazine articles as anybody lately.
She’s also featured on, which is showing off “10 of the biggest, priciest, shiniest celeb engagement rings” in a separate article.

As the story’s title suggests, size probably matters a little more than we’d like to admit. At least to celebrities like Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey, who are among those pictured lugging around diamonds the size of postage stamps.
But don’t despair, guys.
Unless you’re dating a celebrity, your beloved probably isn’t going to surprise you with a Benz or a getaway weekend in St. Lucia. And the size ring she’ll be looking for from you will likely be less important to her than the depth of your love.
The “love” part is up to you, but contact us when you’re ready for some help with the ring — even if you happen to catch Ms. Vergara on the rebound somehow.