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Three Stone Engagement Rings: Classic Versions

The holiday times always find us nostalgic and looking to the past for classic design inspiration. One of our favorite flattering designs is the three stone ring. This timeless look is wonderfully versatile, and we love creating three stone engagement rings for our customers. The understated three stone ring with round diamonds is an enduring design which will always be in style.

At a client’s request we customized this R2814 by keeping the band smooth instead of adding pave diamonds, and this was the result! In this trellis setting the prongs intertwine under the diamonds, giving it a unique look from the side.

I want!
Customized three stone trellis engagement ring from Adiamor.


R2710 tapers as it nears the side stones:

Adiamor three stone engagement ring.


One variation of the three stone ring is to add pave side stones down the band of the ring, like R2814. This adds extra sparkle!

Golden goodness!
Adiamor’s three stone trellis ring with pave diamonds on shank.



Three stone engagement rings are traditional without being stodgy or old-fashioned; it is a lasting, elegant style which is simply beautiful. This is why it will always be a wonderful choice for an engagement ring!

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5 Reasons Why Diamonds Make the Perfect Gift

Coming up with new gift ideas for the people you love, year after year, can become indescribably difficult, especially if, like most adults, they simply buy the items they want for themselves. You never know if they’ll like the latest tech gadget or toss them in a drawer. Trying to guesstimate clothing sizes and style preferences are best avoided. And gift certificates are easy, but they can often be seen as impersonal. So what gift can you give the person who has everything? How about diamonds? Here are a just a few reasons why they are the perfect gift.

1. They go with everything. Whether your woman likes to wear Juicy track suits or she dresses to the nines every day, she can always pop in a pair of diamond studs to accentuate her outfit. Rings and tennis bracelets can be added to any ensemble, and while diamond necklaces and pendants tend to require fancier dress, newer neckwear options like the three-stone or heart pendant designs make this classic a bit more casual.

2. You can never have too many. If your lady already has earrings and necklaces galore, never fear. Newer pieces will give her more choices to cover every occasion. And any woman who complains about having too many diamonds needs to have her head examined.

3. Settings can be replaced…diamonds are forever. If you’re not sure about what style of jewelry the recipient would prefer, simply select a beautiful stone and give it to her as a stand-alone with the promise that you’ll find the perfect setting for it. This way you also don’t have to worry about sizing.

4. No one says no to a diamond. If you’re worried about your woman disliking a diamond, don’t be. Even if she is not particularly keen on the setting you picked, or she thinks you spent too much, absolutely no one will turn down a diamond. Just be careful about giving a gift with a question attached. If your goal is to propose, then you should do it separately rather than putting it under the tree.

5. They symbolize love. Diamonds are not a gift that is given lightly. They are thoughtful, intimate, and generally expensive, so you really do have to love the person you’re giving them to, whether it’s your mother, your sister, or the woman of your dreams. Diamonds are not only a timeless and exceptional way to show your love, they also enhance the beauty of the recipient. And these sentiments will easily outshine even the biggest and most brilliantly cut stone.

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5 Great Diamond Earring Ideas for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to choosing the jewelry you’re going to wear on your special day, you really can’t go wrong with diamonds. And yet, believe it or not, you can go too far with the frosting if you’re not careful and conservative with the pieces you pick. Of course, you know there’s at least one diamond you’re going to have to wear (the one on your ring finger – as if you could forget!). But beyond that, you’re going to have to make some tough decisions when it comes to paring down your options for hairpieces, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. So here are just a few ways you can wear your diamond earrings in accordance with your other items to make you pretty as a picture.

1. Diamond studs. The gold standard when it comes to diamond earrings is none other than the simplest option. You’re going to get the most brilliance from a round cut, so if your studs are pretty small, you should stick to this option. But if you choose larger stones, you may want to go with a more interesting cut like princess or asscher. And by the way, studs will go with almost any other adornment, as long as they’re not ostentatiously large.

2. Hoops. The trick with hoops is to keep them small and understated. You can find ones that are more metallic (gold, white gold, or platinum) with just a few small inlaid diamonds, or you can get ones that are channel-set for a lot more sparkle. Either way, if they brush your collarbone, they’re way too big! Opt for a set that is no bigger around than your thumb or they’re going to overpower your ensemble.

3. Dangly earrings. When it comes to earrings that hang down, you don’t want to get too fancy. A few hanging stones is all that is necessary to complement your face and draw attention to your sparkling eyes. Just a note, if you choose this option, stay away from the diamond necklace. Otherwise people will be blinded by something other than your personality.

4. With other gems. If you want to do something a little different, consider some studs or hoops that incorporate other gemstones along with your diamonds. Just be aware that the accent color you choose should go along with your wedding colors (this is why most brides decide to go with colorless diamonds.

5. Diamond and pearl. There is no more classic combo than colorless diamonds and white pearls on your wedding day. A set of pearl studs with diamond accents is not only timeless and traditional; it is a classy look that absolutely any woman can pull off!

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Classic or Trendy: Which Engagement Ring Style is Right for You?

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, women have many different criteria. But when contemplating the basic style, there are those who lean towards classic, while others gobble up every passing trend. If you’ve surveyed your girlfriend’s jewelry box but you’re still unsure about what to get her, there are a few things to consider before you buy the ring she’ll wear for the rest of her life.

The most important thing is the stone. Obviously, you’ll want to get a diamond. The setting, including any the band and any accents, are really only there to display the central stone, so that’s what you should focus on first. So you must address the four Cs. Color is a good place to start. While colored diamonds (pink, yellow, blue, even black) have become very popular in recent years, and they can be extremely beautiful, there are a few problems. For one thing, they can be rare and subsequently, carry a heftier price tag. In addition, they will most likely go in and out of fashion, so you can’t expect them to hold their value. Even beyond that, color preference is subject to individual taste, so if you’re considering this as an heirloom piece that will be passed on to your daughter or granddaughter, you may want to ensure that it’s something any woman would wear. Of course you should take your soon-to-be-fiancé’s feelings into account. If she has her heart set on a pink diamond, you’d better get her what she wants. But if you’re unsure, you really can’t go wrong with the traditional, classic, colorless diamond.

If you do decide to go classic, it will probably give your budget a little wiggle room, so use your extra cash to go for a larger stone (higher carat), or better clarity, which will ensure the stone holds its value over time. As for cut, there are several options, but deep, round-cut diamonds offer the most brilliance, which is why they are the staple of the diamond solitaire ring. As for setting, you can go modern or traditional, with a simple band or loads of baguettes, depending on her taste, since it is easy enough to re-set the stone if she changes her mind.