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Styles We Love for Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are loving romantic jewelry. Vintage touches like engraving and the warmth of rose gold are our inspirations of the season!

Check out some of our favorites for a dreamy Valentine’s Day!

R2932, the twisted pave halo, and the wedding band R2941 in rose gold.
R2932, the twisted pave halo, and the wedding band R2941 in rose gold.

Combining the golden blush tones of rose gold with a twisted, vine-like design, this set of rings is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Custom Men's Band with Black Diamonds paired with R2929 in rose gold.
Custom Men’s Band with Black Diamonds paired with R2929 in rose gold.

This matching set includes a split shank engagement ring, R2929, and a custom built men’s band with black diamonds, which add a touch of masculine edge to the rose gold design. What a great pair!

Stay tuned for more of our favorites!

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Thin Band

Famous “Two-Ring” Proposals

Sometimes it’s fun to picture yourself as the leading lady in famous romances, like Guinevere and Lancelot, or Romeo and Juliet. While we don’t have any historical evidence for those legendary couples, we do have quite a few details about some famous ladies and their beaus, like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Lucille Ball. Though their romances are varied, they all share one thing in common: each woman received two engagement rings!

rosegoldengagementThe love affair between Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer was a scorching one, culminating in a proposal in 1954. Audrey met Mel at a party, and it was love at first sight. They worked together in the stage production Ondine, in which Audrey played a water sprite. She certainly worked her fairy magic on Mel, because when he popped the question, he gave Audrey not just one, but two rings; one rose gold engagement ring and one in white gold. Knowing the starlet’s affinity for fashion, he wanted her to be able to wear his ring always and still have it match her outfit and other jewelry selections.

emerlandengagementringGrace Kelly’s sweetheart, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, also purchased two rings; though he went a little more over the top than Mel Ferrer. Originally, the Prince proposed to Grace with an engagement ring set with stones matching the colors of Monaco. Once he arrived in the States in 1956 and saw that traditional American engagement rings usually involved a diamond setting, he realized his faux pas. He immediately commissioned a 12-carat emerald cut diamond. Grace didn’t seem to mind either ring.  She was the picture of happiness when she sailed with her charming prince on a private luxury liner to their secret wedding location.

cushioncutengagementringsPerhaps the most romantic two-ring engagement story to come out of this era is the proposal between Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. When the couple eloped in 1940, Desi proposed with a cheap brass ring (the type that turns your finger green after just a few hours of wear), because all the high-end stores were closed. Later, he gave her the cushion cut diamond engagement ring they picked out together. Lucy said that she treasured the cheap brass ring for years, keeping it tucked away in her jewelry box next to other priceless jewels. She even wore it in dozens of episodes of I Love Lucy.

Even though these stories are thrilling, your man doesn’t have to buy you two engagement rings, or one with a whopping price tag. Like Lucy’s finger-tinting brass ring, it’s the love that doubles the worth of any proposal.  Find the ring, or rings, that exhibit your undying love, like this sparkling rose gold ring, only at Adiamor!

Thin Band

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: A Vintage Look You’ll Love

Cushion cut engagement rings are perfect for the woman that wants a vintage look. Also referred to as the “antique cut” these diamonds get their name due to their resemblance to an overstuffed seat cushion. Their puffy appearance give them a softer feel than other diamond cuts and they have 60 facets as opposed to other cuts that traditionally have 80. Cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners and they are square in shape. The cut is similar to emerald, princess, and oval cut diamonds. The cushion cut became popular before the invention of electric bulbs and was referred to as the “candlelight diamond” because of their brilliance when viewed by candlelight.

Cushion cut engagement rings will set you apart from the crowd. They are somewhat harder to come by in jewelry stores and many people find them at antique stores or estate sales.

If you are on the fence about purchasing a cushion cut engagement ring, here are some facts that might help.

* Cushion cut diamonds are softer and less geometric so they have a more romantic feeling to them.
* Cushion cut engagement rings will certainly set you apart from the crowd. They are unique and are also harder to find.
* Flaws on a cushion cut diamond are more prominent because there are less facets so you should conduct a very thorough check for inclusions and blemishes before you make your purchase.
* Because cushion cut diamonds have 20 less facets than other diamond cuts, they will not reflect and retract light as easily and this leads to less brilliance and sparkle.