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The Perfect Gift For Her: Upgrading Her Diamond

Holiday shopping can be quite stressful. Even with the ease of online shopping, getting the right gift for everyone can be tricky. The hardest person to buy for, though, is often your spouse. While you may know their tastes in style, it can be incredibly challenging to find clothes that fit just right. Additionally, buying household items often seems less thoughtful. If you cannot figure out what to get your wife this year, there is one perfect solution: upgrading her diamond.

Upgrading Diamond Engagement Rings

The most obvious choice for upgrading her diamond is her engagement ring. Although it is also a popular anniversary gift, upgrading her engagement ring is the perfect gift this year. In addition to bringing out the sparkle in her eyes, an upgraded diamond ring focuses on your love. Not only is it a celebration of the holiday spirit, it is also recognizing that she makes your life better. Additionally, the best gifts are those items someone wants but won’t buy themselves. Upgrading her diamond ring is a luxurious gift, and it is one that will make her feel treasured all over again.

upgrading her diamond
Upgrading her diamond is the perfect gift this year.

How To Upgrade Her Diamond

Engagement rings require regular maintenance and cleaning, and this is the best way to upgrade her diamond. Schedule a holiday cleaning, and have the diamond upgraded. This will allow her to not be suspicious of your gift. Additionally, you can upgrade her diamond in a number of ways. If her ring had a diamond with a smaller carat size, an obvious upgrade would be to increase the size of the diamond. However, if she already has a large 2.5 carat diamond, consider choosing a diamond with a higher quality cut or one that is colorless. No matter which option you decide to take, it is sure to make her engagement ring feel like a new piece of jewelry.

Other Upgrade Options

In the event that you’ve already surprised her by swapping out the diamond in her ring, you can still provide diamond upgrades elsewhere. From diamond earrings to a diamond pendant, there are plenty of ways to put diamonds under the tree this year.

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The Perfect Pair of Diamond Earrings For Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is hard work. From finding the right dress to getting the seating chart just right, there’s plenty of details that can be overlooked. However, one thing many brides focus on is wedding day jewelry. In addition to finding the perfect matching wedding band, most women want the right pair of earrings too. While earrings may seem like a small detail, the right pair can make a huge difference. Although picking the right pair of diamond earrings can seem impossible, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Consider these tips when selecting your diamond earrings, and you’ll find the perfect pair in no time!

Match Your Diamond Earrings To Your Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to pick the right pair of earrings is to match them to your ring. For example, if you have a halo setting, then pre set diamond halo earrings make perfect sense. Even if you have a custom designed engagement ring, matching styles is a great option. This simplifies your decisions, and it also allows your jewelry to appear as a set. Additionally, while the diamond earrings may be intended for your wedding day, they can still be worn for other occasions. When selecting diamond earrings, be sure to also match the diamond shape. If your ring is round, you’ll want round diamonds in your earrings whereas a princess cut ring should be paired with princess cut diamond earrings.

diamond earrings
These round diamond earrings would pair perfectly with a halo engagement setting.

Contrasting Metals?

One question many brides ask is whether or not to have contrasting metals. The truth is that the decision is up to you. While some engagement rings and wedding bands combine two different metals successfully, this should definitely be the limit. Also, consider what pieces of jewelry are made from which metals. If both your engagement ring and wedding ring are rose gold, then you should probably continue the theme with your diamond earrings. However, white gold earrings are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Therefore, if you like the look of white gold earrings with a yellow gold ring, then go for it!

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Diamond Earrings Are The Perfect Summer Accessory

Diamond earrings are a classic gift that is perfect for Mother’s Day, bridesmaid gifts, and as a graduation present. Additionally, earrings are the perfect accessory for all of those summer weddings you will be attending this year. So, in order to help our customers buy the right set, we put together this guide on buying diamond earrings online. From pre-set diamond earrings to custom diamond studs, we can help you choose the perfect earrings for any occasion.

Pre-Set Diamond Earrings

When looking for the perfect pair of diamond earrings, pre set diamond studs are a great option. This means the task of selecting a diamond is already done for you. With pre-set earrings, all you need to do is select which metal you prefer. At Adiamor, we carry earrings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum settings in addition to our bezel set earrings. After choosing a metal, the next thing to do is select the size. We carry diamonds ranging from ¼ cw to 1 cw for the pair. Pre-set diamond earrings are the perfect accessory for almost every occasion.

diamond earrings
Diamond earrings with a halo setting

Design Your Own Earrings

While pre-set earrings are an easy option, many people prefer to create custom  earrings. This option allows customers the opportunity for a unique piece of jewelry. Additionally, if you purchased a ring from Adiamor, we can help you match the style of your other jewelry. Custom earrings can be created in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum using round, princess, or Asscher cut diamonds. No matter your style or budget, our fine jewelers can produce the perfect earrings for you.

Diamond earrings are a classic accessory that can dress up any look. Plus, with the option of designing your own earrings, you can be certain that your earrings are exactly what you want. Learn more about earrings on the Adiamor Earring Guide or contact us for help creating a unique pair of earrings today!

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The Diamond Is April’s Birthstone

Each month of the year has an associated gemstone. Relating to the twelve zodiac signs, these gems allegedly hold mystical properties. As time passed, the gemstones of each month became known as birthstones, and wearing birthstone jewelry supposedly brings the wearer good luck. In 1912, the United States adopted a standardized list of birthstones. However, to reflect new gemstones, some changes have been made over the years. Nevertheless, April has perhaps the most popular gemstone as the diamond is April’s birthstone.

The Diamond’s Romantic History

Diamonds are known all over the world for their majestic sparkle. This is known in the industry as fire and brilliance. Due to their natural beauty, diamonds have been prized possessions since early in human history. While ancient cultures initially recognized the diamond for its strength, diamonds became associated with romance during the Roman empire. Some ancient Romans believed that the tips of Cupid’s arrows were made of diamonds. This is probably the earliest connection between diamonds and love. The Romans also considered diamonds to be the most valuable item on the planet. This is a thought held by many today.

April's birthstone
The diamond is April’s birthstone

The Many Characteristics of Diamonds

In addition to their hardness and beauty, diamonds have many other unique characteristics. Diamonds are composed of only one element: carbon. The crystallization of diamonds takes place over millions of years and requires an immense amount of pressure. As the earth’s core presses carbon into diamonds, finding colorless diamonds used for fine jewelry makes them even more rare. While nearly $9 billion dollars worth of diamonds are mined each year, nearly 80% are used for industrial purposes. This includes the making of drill bits, saws, and other construction applications. Therefore, when diamonds are used in jewelry, they are the highest quality gemstones available.

The Power of Birthstones

In ancient history, birthstones were important elements of protection. This included the use of prized gemstones to create breastplates and shields. As history progressed, the view of birthstones altered to match modern customs. The modern use of birthstones no longer involves the creation of shields, but it does continue through their use in fine jewelry.  Today, birthstones allegedly bring good fortune to those who wear them. If you are looking for the perfect fine jewelry for someone born in April, Adiamor has an extensive collection of bracelets, earrings, and pendants made with April’s birthstone. Additionally, you can even create your own piece of diamond jewelry for a completely unique look.

Have a favorite piece of diamond jewelry that you wear to celebrate your birth month? Let us know in the comments!