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A Diamond Pendant Is The Perfect Anniversary Gift This Year

When selecting an anniversary gift, there are tons of guides that suggest different elements for different years. Paper, wood, silver, and gold are popular choices for different anniversaries. However, the diamond anniversary doesn’t appear until the 50th anniversary (or much later) depending on who you ask. Diamonds, though, are definitely a girl’s best friend. For this reason and many more, a diamond pendant is the perfect anniversary gift for any year.

The Tradition of The Necklace

In ancient cultures, the gift of a necklace was a statement of love. The Romans, for example, used necklaces instead of engagement rings. This is one reason that a diamond pendant makes such a great anniversary gift. In addition to being a beautiful present, there is great history and meaning behind giving someone a necklace. Additionally, presenting your wife with a diamond necklace allows her to expand her jewelry box. When it comes to diamonds, there is no such thing as “too many” which means they are always an acceptable gift. Even if you gave her diamond earrings last year, a pendant will still make an excellent anniversary gift.

Upgrade The Engagement Ring Diamond

While the diamond ring is now the engagement standard, that first diamond isn’t always perfect. In fact, a popular anniversary gift is often to upgrade the size of the diamond on the engagement ring. Although many jewelers offer diamond upgrade pricing, there is another option for replacing the diamond: an anniversary pendant. Instead of selling or trading in the original diamond, have a necklace custom made. This allows her to keep the diamond that made her say “Yes!” while also allowing for a larger diamond on her current ring. This is a best of both worlds solution, and it is an excellent option for a major anniversary.

diamond pendant
An excellent anniversary gift idea is upgrading the diamond in her ring and using the original diamond on a necklace


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