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The Perfect Ring: Halo Engagement Ring Settings

We’re continuing our series on The Perfect Ring here on the Adiamor blog this week by taking a look at halo engagement ring settings. Halo rings are one of the most popular style of engagement rings, and there are many variations. Since halo engagement ring settings have so many options, we’re here to help you decide. For today’s installment of The Perfect Ring, we’ll break down the options for halo engagement rings.

What Makes A Halo Ring?

A halo engagement ring, by definition, includes a center stone that is encompassed by a halo. In most cases, halo rings feature a single row of pave set diamonds encircling a larger diamond. However, some varieties of halo ring settings incorporate other jewels or gemstones. Other versions of halo engagement ring settings combine multiple engagement ring styles, such as blending split shank rings with halo rings or combining threestone engagement settings with halos. Another new trend is incorporating two rows of halo, such as the Adiamor Round Double Halo Split Shank Diamond Ring.

halo engagement ring setting
A double halo engagement ring setting shown in 14k white gold

No matter what the ring style, every halo is designed to do the same thing: make the center stone appear larger. This allows a smaller center diamond to appear larger, and the ring will also produce more fire and brilliance from the additional diamonds. Halo engagement ring settings provide the most sparkle for the price, which makes halo rings an excellent value.

Different Styles of Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Like most engagement rings, halo rings are available in four primary ring metals: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Platinum halo rings and white gold halo rings both have a silvery shine that enhances the sparkle of diamonds. On the other hand, yellow gold and rose gold halo rings create a unique complimentary look. Finally, a new trend with halo engagement ring settings is creating a two-tone look. In this case, the ring band and the ring metal used to secure the diamond halo are made from different metals. This allows an even greater level of customization to help best match the ring to the wearer’s style.

The Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

The right halo ring depends on a variety of factors including ring metal preference and how much sparkle is desired. When looking to maximize the fire and brilliance of a smaller diamond, pave set halo rings are an excellent choice. For larger center diamonds, split shank halo rings pulls the eye to the center and make the center stone appear massive. When it comes to halo engagement ring settings, the options are nearly endless. Start shopping for the perfect halo engagement setting today, or visit the Adiamor Engagement Guide to continue learning more about ring settings.


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Three Different Styles of the Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement ring recently emerged as one of the hottest ring styles. With the additional diamonds circling the center stone, halo engagement rings are considered to be luxurious and elegant. However, not all halo settings are the same, and many halo engagement ring styles are actually quite understated and elegant. With so many different styles of halo rings on the market, we felt it was important to demonstrate the versatility of the halo engagement ring. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to see examples of halo engagement rings in three different gold styles.

18K Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring
 18K Yellow Gold Plain Band Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Yellow gold is the ultimate ring metal for a classic look. This traditional metal also works extremely well for understated halo engagement rings. While the reason metal gold is so popular with jewelers is the fact it does not tarnish or rust, yellow gold makes an excellent engagement ring choice for future brides with timeless style. This particular halo engagement ring setting utilizes a simple, solid 1.7mm band that pairs perfectly with diamond eternity bands. The subtle yellow gold setting is enhanced by 18 round diamonds with a .20 total carat weight. The 18k yellow gold halo engagement ring combines a beautiful balance of shine and shimmer.

18K White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Petal Halo Diamond Engagement Setting 18K White GoldWhite gold’s rise in popularity is no surprise due to the high polish and shiny luster. However, this shine is actually provided by a plating of rhodium. Over time, this plating will require regular cleaning and re-plating every 6 to 12 months; otherwise, the underlying metal alloy will begin to show through. Nevertheless, with a look similar to platinum, white gold engagement rings are notable for their sophistication and elegance. In particular, this 18k white gold split shank halo engagement ring is stunning for its simple beauty and stunning shine. The center stone is surrounded by eight brilliant cut diamonds and two bezel-set accent diamonds on the side. This halo engagement ring is specifically built to accommodate Asscher, radiant or square cut as well as round center diamonds. The effect created is an enlarged central diamond that produces incredible sparkle.

18K Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Hand Engraved Pave Halo Setting For Cushion Cut 18K Rose GoldRose gold engagement rings are often used for vintage inspired designs, and this 18k rose gold halo ring is no different. Featuring a pave setting that contains 38 brilliant cut round diamonds. Totaling 0.56 carat weight, this ring also features additional engraving. The pinkish hues of rose gold not only inspire romance, but rose gold also flatters skin tones. For these reasons, rose gold halo rings have become extremely popular. By combining vintage elegance and modern tastes, this 18k rose gold engagement ring is sure to be a timeless classic.

The halo engagement ring design brings an extra layer of brilliance, and this makes the center diamond appear both bigger and brighter. Shop the Adiamor collection of halo engagement rings today!

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How Do People Wear Wedding Bands?

Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to pairing wedding bands with engagement rings. Some of our rings have matching bands designed for them, but some can be paired with many options. Here are some ideas of how people like to wear wedding bands.

Some people like the exact match to their engagement ring, like R2890 and its matching wedding band, R2891.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Some of our customers like the option of wearing the wedding band alone; for example, when they are traveling. A straight band or an eternity band is great choice for that.

Certain halo rings sit high enough that they can be paired with a straight wedding band. R2940 is an example of a ring with can be paired with a variety of straight rings. You can also stack an anniversary band or second wedding band on top to create more impact. Here is R2940 stacked with R2489 and R2488.

Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands
Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands

Certain halo style rings, like R2877, require a curved band. Some of our clients always wear their rings together so a curved band is not a problem. These people might even choose to solder their rings together so that they cannot come apart.

Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band
Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band

Another look which is quite popular is pairing an eternity band with a solitaire setting.

The 3 cttw eternity band, R2952, is an impressive statement next to this basket solitaire, R2906. Some people prefer a more understated eternity band, like R2947, though.

Solitaire Diamond Ring with 1 cttw and 3 cttw Eternity Bands
Solitaire Diamond Ring with 3 cttw and 1 cttw Eternity Bands