emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

When To Wear Your Engagement Ring To Work

According to the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are on of the strongest substances on earth. However, diamonds can still be scuffed, chipped, or knocked loose.  Additionally, precious metals are often very soft. Pure gold, for instance, is much too soft to use for jewelry. For this reason, most engagement ring settings are made from common alloys such as 14k or 18k gold. Because engagement rings consist of precious metals and gold, wearing them to work is not always the best decision. Depending on your ring style and your career, you may wish to rethink whether or not to wear your engagement ring to work.

How Does Your Career Affect Your Ring?

Depending on your career, you may want to skip wearing your engagement ring to work altogether. Women that work extensively with their hands or with machinery probably fall in this category. In these cases, it’s probably best to keep your engagement ring in a safe spot, such as a ring box. Additionally, women who are care givers should be careful with their diamond ring as well. With so much contact with others, it is possible diamonds on a pave set ring to be knocked loose. Finally, women who work primarily with strangers and the public, such as social workers or police officers, should be careful. However, women who work in an office may find that wearing an engagement ring to work creates little issue.

engagement ring at work
A ring with 6 prongs will be more durable to wear to work

Your Engagement Ring Style

In addition to determining if your career will prevent wearing your engagement ring to work, consider the ring style too. Modern rings, which often feature channel set diamonds and smooth edges, are less likely to cause problems. Additionally, solitaire diamonds with tension settings tend to be more durable. Finally, even if your engagement ring features a 4 prong setting, pave diamonds, and a knife edge, you can still wear your ring to work. Be mindful of your ring, your hands, and consider an alternative when necessary. One popular alternative is to wear the ring on a chain during tasks that may damage the ring. In the end, the best thing to do is be cautious. However, over time, your ring will feel as if it becomes a part of your fingers, and you will be more confident wearing your engagement ring to work.

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emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Modern or Vintage: Which Engagement Ring Style Is Right For Her?

Shopping for engagement rings can be an incredibly difficult thing to do if you don’t know where to start. By doing a little research on ring styles, you can find the perfect ring for her. Certain engagement rings tend to match with particular personality types. Also, a woman’s sense of style will often inform the type of engagement ring setting she’d prefer. However, be sure to consider these suggestions as merely that. While these guidelines may be helpful in shopping for a ring, they are not hard and fast rules. If you are considering either a modern or vintage ring, keep reading for suggestions on how to decide between the two.

Modern or Vintage Rings

modern engagement ring
A modern engagement ring in 18k white gold

Modern rings tend to be favored by women with edgy styles and strong personalities. They combine the sleek and elegant clean lines and tend to have channel set diamonds. Also, modern engagement rings often include multiple diamonds. On the other hand, vintage rings are more subtle. The handcrafted detailing seen in many vintage engagement rings demonstrates careful attention. Additionally, vintage rings often have a nostalgic feel, and they are a great choice for a woman with a big heart. Finally, many modern rings are set in either white gold or platinum while vintage rings are typically yellow or rose gold.

One Diamond or Many Stones?

vintage engagement ring
A hand engraved vintage engagement ring in 18k rose gold

Another element that may help you decide which engagement ring style is right for her is figuring out how many diamonds she’d prefer. The most traditional engagement ring is the simple yellow gold solitaire. While classic, it is definitely not the choice for every woman. Modern engagement rings tend to feature additional diamonds either on the band in pave settings or around the center stone in halo settings. Vintage rings are often solitaires, but they also include three stone settings that help make the center diamond look even larger and shine brighter.

Shopping for an engagement ring online can be a daunting task. But, by learning about different ring styles, you can find the perfect ring for her. For assistance in picking out a ring or designing a custom engagement ring, contact Adiamor today at service@adiamor.com!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

A Man’s Guide To Engagement Ring Styles: Part 2

We started our man’s guide to engagement ring styles yesterday on the Adiamor blog. Today, we are continuing our break down of engagement ring settings with part two of our guide. Hopefully, these lessons will help future husbands pick out the perfect ring for their brides to be. Keep reading the blog to finish up our series on a man’s guide to engagement ring styles!

Modern Engagement Ring Settings

When most people think of modern engagement rings, they think of contemporary styles. Nevertheless, “modern” refers more to the 20th century architecture and art styles that it does styles that are in the moment. Because of this, modern rings will not go out of style next year. Modern rings typically include channel set diamonds that blend together the natural elements of precious metals and diamonds with clean, sleek style. Modern engagement rings are an excellent choice for future brides who prefer elegant looks backed with confidence and style.

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Split Shank Engagement Ring Settings

For brides looking for a different twist on the classic diamond engagement ring, split shank rings are the perfect choice. The split shank band splits before wrapping the center diamond which causes the eye to focus on the center. In this manner, the split shank engagement ring places the focal point on the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Although the split shank style is a spin on traditional styles, it is still a versatile engagement ring style that can be combined with other looks to create stunning, modern rings. For example, split shank rings can feature pave bands or halo settings around the diamond to add even more sparkle.

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Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Although the concept of an engagement ring has been around for centuries, the early 20th century saw a huge rise in popularity of diamond engagement rings. During this time, the Art Deco period also had a great influence on popular culture. Perhaps it is for this reason that so many future brides desire a vintage style engagement ring. Vintage rings find their inspiration from the handcrafted details and combine these aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create truly gorgeous engagement rings. When shopping for a bride who finds their style cues from the past, a vintage engagement ring setting is an excellent choice.

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Gemstone Engagement Ring Settings

When many engagement ring styles seek to add additional diamonds, gemstone rings opt for pops of color by adding additional gemstones. In recent years, gemstone engagement ring settings have seen a massive rise in popularity. One of the main reasons for this increase is brides are preferring to have their rings match their personalities, and adding colorful gemstones to their engagement ring provides this opportunity. If you are considering purchasing a gemstone engagement ring, consider adding gemstone accents that utilize her birthstone.

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Thanks for reading a man’s guide to engagement ring styles. For more engagement ring information, check out the Adiamor education center today!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

What Are Modern Engagement Rings?

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, one of the most important things to do is match the ring to the person. A woman will always look her best with an engagement ring that matches her style. While vintage engagement rings have made a huge surge in popularity with millennials, many other couples seek something more modern. However, the idea of modern engagement rings is a little tricky. Because the industry definition of “modern” a bit vague, many customers are confused as to what counts as a modern ring. In order to help ring buyers find the right modern look, we’ve put together this brief guide on modern engagement rings.

What Does Modern Even Mean?

The idea of a modern engagement ring style does not simply mean “contemporary.” A modern ring actually refers to the modern design aesthetic most commonly associated with architecture and graphic design. In this case, modern refers to bold, clean lines. While modern architecture rejected classical styles and instead preferred plenty of steel and lots of glass, modern engagement rings do something similar. Typically, a modern engagement ring includes a channel set diamond. However, this is not the only style of modern engagement rings available. Like the designs of popular modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright, modern engagement rings often bridge design with nature by using multiple diamonds in the ring setting.

3 Popular Styles of Modern Engagement Rings

modern rose gold engagement ring

The Channel-Set Princess Cut Engagement Setting, pictured here in stunning 18k rose gold, is one of the most popular modern style rings. Featuring twelve princess cut diamonds totaling 0.88ct, this modern setting is bold and edgy. It also pairs perfectly with a notched princess cut diamond band.

modern Baguette Diamond Engagement ring

With six baguette diamonds totaling 0.50ct channel set into the band, the Baguette Diamond Engagement Setting is a remarkable modern engagement ring. Shown here in brilliant 14k white gold and featuring a round diamond, this understated ring works well for future brides looking for a sophisticated design.


Two-Tone Diamond Setting

One of the boldest designs is this Two-Tone Diamond Setting engagement ring. It features 1.28 cttw of invisible set princess cut diamonds. The band contains 18k yellow gold accents, and the rest of the ring is 18k white gold. When searching for a truly unique modern engagement ring, this beauty is hard to beat!

Modern engagement rings feature bold designs that match bold personalities. They match will with an elegant, strong sense of style. If this sounds like your bride to be, shop the Adiamor collection of modern rings today!