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Out With The Old, In With The New: What Do I Do With My Old Diamond?

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

-From In Memoriam [Ring out, wild bells] by Lord Alfred Tennyson

We hope everyone’s 2014 is going well so far. As we look forward to the brand new year (while trying to stick to our recently devised resolutions) it reminds us of some jewelry we created which combined the old and new.

People often want to change or upgrade their ring, but then do not know what to do with their old diamond. Sometimes, people inherit diamonds or gemstones and want to set them in new jewelry. Instead of trying to ‘trade in’ former jewels, we recommend creating new jewelry for them. Sentimental stones can take on new life in modern settings, while you can choose the style of jewelry which you prefer. We have been lucky enough to work on several projects like this recently, and the results were phenomenal.

Our first upgrade like this was a personal favorite because it was one of our own staff’s diamonds. Jennifer had a diamond from a previous engagement ring. We created a rose gold bezel setting for it and strung it on a white gold chain to create this beautiful necklace. Jen recommends this for customers as a way to upgrade their engagement ring while still keeping their original diamond ‘close to their heart’.

Adiamor's rose gold diamond bezel pendant
Rose Gold Bezel Pendant


Another ring we created was this impressive three halo ring- it is a three stone ring with a halo around each stone! The customer had a classic gold ring with three diamonds in it. We designed this custom setting from pictures that the customer sent us. We removed the three center diamonds from the old ring and set them in the new one, and they loved it!

Adiamor's three halo diamond ring
Three Halo Ring



Adiamor's diamond halo ring
Twisted Pave Halo







One customer had a family ring with a center diamond and two sapphire side stones. The stones were all lovely, but they wanted something a little more modern with the old diamond. We fashioned exquisite diamond halo earrings for the sapphires, like ESPD5157, and set the center diamond into R2932, our twisted pave halo ring. The results were stunning!

Adiamor's sapphire diamond halo earrings
Sapphire Earrings with Diamond Halos









Thin Band

Celebrity Engagements Heading Into 2011

The holidays were good to celebrities in love, spawning a spate of engagements that were long in the making (LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian) or surprisingly out of the blue (Hugh Hefner and…uh…some blonde who’s 60 years his junior). Although most of us are biting our nails as we wait for photos and video clips of the royal nuptials due to take place this spring (William + Kate = fairy-tale wedding), it can’t hurt to distract ourselves with other happy celebrity couples heading for wedded bliss this year. So let’s see who was visited by cupid over the holidays and what they’re sporting on their third finger!

It’s about time for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, who have been dating for quite awhile. They sealed the deal with an astonishing 5-carat oval diamond set in a fleur de lis motif (per the singer’s instructions, apparently). In an “aww”-inspiring twist, Eddie worked with jeweler Brent Polacheck to design the rest of the ring. Aww! As for octogenarian and smut-peddler Hugh “Heff” Hefner, he gave his fiancé, Crystal Harris (who, by all reports, is NOT Holly Madison), a 3-carat round-cut brilliant diamond. LeAnn wins…on all counts.

But these two weren’t the only couples to pledge their love over the holidays. Actress Reese Witherspoon said yes to agent Jim Toth, and the 4-carat Ashoka diamond he proposed with. But she wasn’t the only one to date within the industry. Natalie Portman not only announced her engagement to choreographer Benjamin Millepied (whom she met while filming Black Swan), she is also pregnant with their first child. No word yet on the exact size of her stunning ring, but the double pave-halo setting is divine!

A hop across the pond brings us to Brit singer Lily Allen, who recently opened vintage clothing shop Lucy in Disguise. And her success this year apparently didn’t end there. Decorator Sam Cooper proposed on Christmas day with an understated but gorgeous diamond solitaire, which she promptly posted photos of. The couple, who suffered a miscarriage just weeks ago, could use a bit of good news. Of course, no one can compare to actress Vivica A. Fox and her shockingly blingy engagement ring. With eight carats of rock on her finger, one is left to wonder what club promoter Omar White is trying to prove (or compensate for).