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Brilliant Round Cut or Step Cut: How To Decide On Diamond Shape

When deciding on a diamond shape for an engagement ring, many people are unaware of their options. For instance, most people think of diamond cut to be the look of a diamond. However, that’s only partially true as diamond cut actually refers to the quality of diamond cutting. Since diamond cutting creates a diamond’s proportions, this does affect diamond shape. Two of the most popular cuts are round cuts, also known as brilliant cut diamonds, and step cut diamonds. Step cut diamonds typically create rectangular diamond shapes like emerald cuts or Asscher cuts.

step cut diamondStep Cut Diamonds

One of the most noticeable features of step cut diamonds are they have straight lines and parallel facets. One of the most popular step cut diamonds is the emerald cut. The primary features include straight, tiered facets that appear like a mirrored staircase within the pavilion. Cut corners on the outer edges of the diamond are its signature characteristic. Another step cut diamond is the Asscher cut diamond. Originally created in 1902, this diamond shape has seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to its vintage looks.

round cutBrilliant Cut Diamonds

The other primary cut is the brilliant cut. This type of diamond cutting produces brilliant round diamonds while a modified brilliant cut is used to create many other diamond shapes ranging from princess cut diamonds to heart shaped diamonds. The optimal brilliant cut round diamond will create 58 facets. These facets allow for maximum fire and brilliance which gives brilliant cut diamonds their famous sparkle and shine.

Which Diamond Shape Is Right For You?

Depending on whether or not you’ve chosen an engagement ring setting or are looking to simply buy a loose diamond online, the decision on diamond shape will depend. For many people, the fire and brilliance provided by the brilliant cut diamond as well as the varieties of diamond shape make it the best choice. On the other hand, the step cut does provide a unique look created by the mirrored pavilion. Because of this, it is important to choose a step cut diamond with as few imperfections as possible, so look for a clarity rating of VS2 or higher.

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Unique Engagement Ring Settings: Make a Statement About Your Relationship with Classic Round, Emerald Cut or Princess Cut

a4As if being in love wasn’t distracting enough, the pressure behind planning your proposal can be downright daunting.  And on top of all this, you know that the engagement ring you choose is just as important of a decision (if not, more).  Since there are such a wide variety of engagement rings to choose from these days, it’s common to have difficulty deciding exactly what message to convey with the ring you will propose with. For the sake of your sanity, we present you a few more tips on finding unique engagement ring settings:

Classic Round

a3When you choose a diamond in a classic round shape, this probably indicates that you’re going for more traditional values, and that you want to have a loving, stable, faithful relationship with your bride-to-be. If I could pick out an engagement ring for myself, I would have to go with our classic round rose gold engagement ring.

To me, this ring is such great example of how lovely unique engagement ring settings can be. The rose gold band is subtle, warm, and elegant, while the classic round settings portray a blooming bouquet of glistening diamonds. This setting is ideal for a simple, yet classy appearance.

Emerald Cut

a2This next cut is one of my favorites because it is classy, with an edge...literally! An emerald cut diamond will indicate that the woman whose hand you’re asking for in matrimony is the most important one in the world and that money is no object when it comes to showing your devotion to making her happy.

When it comes to unique engagement ring settings, emerald cut diamonds offer a very distinguished and elegant look. This cut looks stunning on any style of ring, and even more stunning placed upon the finger of the love of your life. An example of this cut would be Mariah Carey’s engagement ring, which is an emerald cut diamond with a pink tint.  If all you want to do is make your bride-to-be happy, then you will definitely want to have a look at our pave setting for emerald or radiant cut diamond.

Princess Cut

The meaning of a princess cut ring should be pretty obvious i.e., that you’re devoted to fulfilling the needs of your bride-to-be and that you’ll treat her like the princess you know she is. Her wish is now your command…right? With a statement like that, what woman could possibly say no? I know that I would have a hard time denying an offer like this! Ok…I’m getting distracted.  Back to our topic of unique engagement ring settings… princess cut….

a1Check out what NHL hockey player Mike Comrie proposed to his princess Hillary Duff with… a breathtaking 14kt princess cut engagement ring. This man obviously knows how to treat his woman like royalty. If you’re trying to convince your bride-to-be just how priceless she is to you, consider our trillian accent engagement ring.

When it comes time to actually picking out an engagement ring, be sure to contact us to make the task easier. Together we’ll help you find the perfect sparkler for your bride-to-be!

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The Shape of a Diamond

While everyone can recognize a round cut diamond right off the bat (it is the most common cut for engagement rings and is considered the classic standard for diamond rings), you may not realize that there are actually several different cuts for your diamonds that may offer unique properties. For starters, your stone can be deep or shallow, but the proper proportions lie somewhere in the middle to ensure maximum brilliance. Then there are the different shapes of cut. Here are a few of the most popular cuts and what you can expect from them.

1. Round. As stated, this is the most traditional cut, mainly because it brings out the most brilliance and fire in your stone. It is also the most researched, so there are precise mathematical calculations to ensure proper depth and symmetry of the stone.

2. Princess. This cut is second to the round cut in both demand and brilliance. It is generally square in shape (although it can be closer to a rectangle), which makes it a nice alternative to round cut since it can still be more or less symmetrical. But because of the way it is cut, even mostly colorless stones may show a bit of color in the corners.

3. Emerald. These diamonds have a rectangular cut in the pavilion (the lower portion of the stone) that gives them a uniquely open table (the face of the stone). This makes it an excellent cut to showcase stones with particularly good clarity.

4. Marquise. The beauty of this cut is that it can make the best of a small carat in that it looks larger than other stones of the same weight. It is a good choice for women with long fingers because the dimensions highlight this attribute.

5. Heart. There is little to recommend this cut aside from the obvious symbolism it embodies. It has no edge over other cuts, although it may be less expensive.