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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Date

With June’s arrival, wedding season is hitting its stride. Between the pile of Save The Date announcements and wedding invitations, you probably have a busy summer ahead. However, one of the most important parts about attending a wedding is picking the right date to be your plus one. In order to make sure you have the best time possible watching your friends exchange wedding bands, make sure you picked the perfect wedding date!

Can Your Wedding Date Dance?

There’s nothing worse than attending a wedding with a wallflower. While all your friends are dancing, you’ll be stuck at the table making small talk with strangers. Although it may be fun to crack a couple jokes during dinner, you certainly do not want to spend the whole night doing it! When picking the perfect wedding date, make sure your partner is, at the very least, willing to dance. If you’re lucky, your date spent all winter taking dance classes as wedding season prep. The wedding guests who dance the most tend to have the most fun and make the most memories, so bring your dancing shoes and make sure your guest does the same!

Currently Single? Bring A Same Sex Date

If you are attending the wedding of friend and you’re single, you may be on the look out for a future spouse. Therefore, if you currently don’t have any prospects, you should consider bring your best wingman to help you out. The chances of you finding love at your friend’s wedding are strong as romance is in the air. Having a friend who can help you break out of your shell can help you land future dates. On the other hand, if the reception turns out to be boring, the two of you can hit the town together in your wedding attire which is a surefire conversation starter.

Don’t Bring A Heavy Drinker As A Date

Whatever you do, the one rule you must avoid is do not bring a heavy drinker as your wedding date. Although it may be fun to watch your buddy do their best Frank The Tank impression at a party, a wedding is no place for a sloppy drunk. Not only will you end up babysitting, you may also not be invited to future gatherings. However, that is not to say you shouldn’t enjoy yourself.  A few drinks to loosen up and celebrate are fine, but standing in the bar line ordering tall glasses of liquor is not the way to make a great impression.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding date, the simplest rule is to bring the most fun person you know. That way you’ll have fun no matter the circumstances, even if you strike out on the dance floor.

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Who Chooses The Wedding Bands?

Getting married is an exciting step, but with this excitement often comes a lot of stress. From deciding on a wedding venue to whittling down the invite list, there are tons of choices every couple must make. However, between cake tastings and tux fittings, sometimes the smaller details are overlooked. One of these smaller items, though, is the center of the ceremony itself: the wedding bands. When it comes to selecting wedding rings, there are tons of options available for both the bride and groom. Nevertheless, it is important to select the right rings. Not only do the rings symbolize the eternal love of marriage, they must match personalities of both the couple and the ceremony itself.

Who Chooses The Wedding Bands?

Traditionally, it is up to the groom to select an engagement ring as a lead up to the proposal. However, many brides-to-be are often involved in the selection of the engagement ring to some degree. With the popularity of social media sites, it is easier than ever to get an idea of what she might like on her hand. However, when it comes to choosing the wedding bands, the waters are a little murky. A bride may have her eyes on a matched set so that her wedding band will complement her engagement ring. On the other hand, the groom may not wear jewelry regularly, and it may be quite difficult to choose the wedding ring he’ll like best. If this is the case, the bride may do well to consider his everyday style and help him make a choice.

Men's Wedding Band
Dual Band Men’s Wedding Ring in 14k White Gold

The safest answer is to have both the bride and groom select their own rings together. This will ensure both parties are happy with the ring they will wear for the rest of their married lives.

Who Pays For The Wedding Rings?

The cost of the average American wedding continues to grow higher, so sticking to a budget is very important. The cost of the wedding bands should be factored into this overall plan, but there are a number of ways to decide who pays for each ring. Historical examples suggest the bridge should purchase the groom’s ring and vice versa, but this is not always the case. In some instances, the parents of the bride or groom may step in to pick up the cost. More often, though, the cost of the wedding rings is part of the wedding budget. This allows for easier planning and payment.

women's wedding band
A 18k Rose Gold Pave Diamond Wedding Band

When deciding, keep in mind the style of the ceremony and the preferences of your partner. Also, it is important to remember that the rings themselves are symbols of everlasting love, but that does not mean they have to match exactly. A marriage is a union of two individuals, and each person is bound to have a style they like best. When picking out wedding rings together, discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner. It will help determine the perfect band for your new spouse.

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How Do People Wear Wedding Bands?

Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to pairing wedding bands with engagement rings. Some of our rings have matching bands designed for them, but some can be paired with many options. Here are some ideas of how people like to wear wedding bands.

Some people like the exact match to their engagement ring, like R2890 and its matching wedding band, R2891.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Some of our customers like the option of wearing the wedding band alone; for example, when they are traveling. A straight band or an eternity band is great choice for that.

Certain halo rings sit high enough that they can be paired with a straight wedding band. R2940 is an example of a ring with can be paired with a variety of straight rings. You can also stack an anniversary band or second wedding band on top to create more impact. Here is R2940 stacked with R2489 and R2488.

Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands
Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands

Certain halo style rings, like R2877, require a curved band. Some of our clients always wear their rings together so a curved band is not a problem. These people might even choose to solder their rings together so that they cannot come apart.

Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band
Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band

Another look which is quite popular is pairing an eternity band with a solitaire setting.

The 3 cttw eternity band, R2952, is an impressive statement next to this basket solitaire, R2906. Some people prefer a more understated eternity band, like R2947, though.

Solitaire Diamond Ring with 1 cttw and 3 cttw Eternity Bands
Solitaire Diamond Ring with 3 cttw and 1 cttw Eternity Bands


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Styles We Love for Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are loving romantic jewelry. Vintage touches like engraving and the warmth of rose gold are our inspirations of the season!

Check out some of our favorites for a dreamy Valentine’s Day!

R2932, the twisted pave halo, and the wedding band R2941 in rose gold.
R2932, the twisted pave halo, and the wedding band R2941 in rose gold.

Combining the golden blush tones of rose gold with a twisted, vine-like design, this set of rings is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Custom Men's Band with Black Diamonds paired with R2929 in rose gold.
Custom Men’s Band with Black Diamonds paired with R2929 in rose gold.

This matching set includes a split shank engagement ring, R2929, and a custom built men’s band with black diamonds, which add a touch of masculine edge to the rose gold design. What a great pair!

Stay tuned for more of our favorites!

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What is the Significance of a Wedding Band?

Throughout history, the ring has been used to symbolize the bond of marriage. Although it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that both men and women started wearing rings (before that it was only women), they have long been used to show that a person is no longer on the market (so to speak). But there are actually quite a few points of significance concerning the giving and receiving of wedding bands. Here’s a little rundown of what that ring on your finger really means.

Historically speaking, there were certain monetary considerations tied up in marriages. Women generally had to be given over into marriage with a dowry (a sum of money or goods like livestock). This was to counter the increased expenditures of her new husband due to having another mouth to feed (or several, once children started to be born), but it was also to give the couple a fresh start in life. In addition, a woman came with their own contributions, mainly in the form of a hope chest which she would have filled with needlework and other valuables from the time she was a child. Interestingly, the ring was not only given as a symbol that a woman was no longer available for courtship, but also as an item of value that could one day be added to a daughter’s dowry to make her more desirable.

But that was just business. These days, the ring is more a symbol of love than wealth (although wedding bands are made from precious metals, giving them inherent monetary value). During WWII, men and women began exchanging rings, probably so that soldiers going off to war would have something to remind them of their love awaiting their return. Of course, the jewelry industry probably supported this move, although there is no evidence that they were responsible for starting it.

Finally, there is the unbroken circle to consider. Even ancient cultures considered a circle to be symbolic of eternity and strength, both aspects of a strong marriage. And while the wedding band did not necessarily stem from religion, many religious ceremonies now include wedding bands simply because the circle holds special significance within their dogma. For the happy couple exchanging rings, these metal bands can be considered to signify commitment, longevity, prosperity, and any number of other positive influences on the relationship. In truth, the value of a wedding band has a lot more to do with what the individual endows it with, rather than what history and culture have to say on the matter.

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Rules for Choosing a Wedding Band

If he popped the question by giving you the perfect engagement ring, then you are one of the lucky few women whose man actually has a sense of her style. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is pick the wedding bands. This may sound simple in comparison to perusing engagement rings, but in fact, it can be even more difficult. Considering that you both have to choose the rings that will symbolize a lifetime of love and devotion, there are several factors that will come into play. Here are a few rules to help you out.

1. Consider your engagement ring. When you go to choose wedding bands, you may want to select a style that goes with your engagement ring. Since you are likely to wear them together frequently, you don’t want them to clash.

2. To match or not to match? That is the question. Many couples like the idea of a traditional set of wedding bands that matches (usually with a slightly larger band for the man) since it symbolizes unity. However, modern practice holds that this is unnecessary. Today, women tend to choose a band that goes well with their engagement ring (or even combine the two into one band) while men seem to like comfort-fit bands that may not be as attractive, but are certainly easier to wear on a daily basis.

3. Choose a metal. One thing you will want to match is metal. It simply won’t do for him to have a gold band when yours is platinum. And often this is dictated by the metal featured in the engagement ring.

4. Choose a style. Again, you should settle on a style that both of you can live with. Some couples prefer plain bands while others opt for diamond studs or a Celtic motif. You can keep it simple or jazz it up, but be sure you’re on the same page. There is some amount of leeway for disparity amongst rings, but in general, the symbolism of the rings is lost if you go in two completely different directions.

5. Don’t steamroll him. Men don’t have that many options when it comes to jewelry and in fact, most guys don’t even like to wear much. Take into account that he’s opting to show the world how much he loves to you by donning this ring every day for the rest of his life. So let him have a say in what he’ll be wearing. You got the engagement ring of your dreams, so give him a little latitude when it comes to the wedding band. If you really don’t like the set he selects, you can always combine your wedding and engagement band into one ring.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Man’s Wedding Ring

Even though he picked your engagement ring on his own (or with a little help from your friends and family), choosing the actual wedding rings is something you want to do together. A lot of couples simply opt to get matching rings, although some women choose a band that is better suited to their engagement ring (or simply go with a 2-in-1 combination band). However, this may be the one and only piece of jewelry your man ever wears, so you want to make sure he gets something he likes (since he’s going to have to live with it until death do you part). It needs to be something special and you can do a lot to ensure that he’s happy with it.

For starters, it needs to be comfortable. Men are all about what feels right. They might not seem terribly particular when it comes to clothing, shoes, and underwear, but you may have noticed that when they find something they like, they buy it in bulk. This is because they have a notion that it doesn’t really matter how something looks as long as it’s comfortable (a concept many women have a difficult time grasping). So, to ensure that he finds a wedding band that suits his aesthetic, have him try on a number of rings until he finds one that feels the best (and don’t allow your aesthetic sensibilities to interfere). Keep in mind that many companies make comfort-fit bands with rounded edges in a number of very nice styles, so you may want to look for these innovative brands.

Next you’ll want to consider how the ring looks. It doesn’t have to match your wedding band, but you don’t want it to be totally dissimilar, either. At the very least, you should choose the same metal. It’s going to look awfully strange if your band is platinum and his is gold. And you may want to stick with a similar theme, as well. For example, say your ring is ultra-modern and festooned with diamonds. He may not want a ring with gemstones on it, and that is perfectly acceptable. But he shouldn’t make a beeline for the Celtic knot designs. If that’s something he wants, then perhaps you should consider getting both rings in that style.

In short, you may need to make some concessions. Men and women often have very different ideas about what is most important when it comes to items that will adorn their bodies, and people in general have different notions of what is attractive. So consider this your first challenge of compromise in your newly solidified relationship and think about letting him have his way just this once (or at least convince him that your way was his idea in the first place)!