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Popular Styles of Men’s Wedding Rings

Last month, we posted a blog about how to choose a man’s wedding ring which we hope was helpful. However, one element that we did not discuss was a breakdown of the different styles of men’s wedding rings available on the market. In order to make the process of selecting a men’s wedding band even easier, this month we are tackling the subject. Check out these popular styles of men’s wedding rings to see if any of these match your man’s look.

Traditional Men’s Wedding Bands

yellow gold men's wedding ring
A traditional men’s wedding ring in yellow gold

The classic men’s wedding ring is a simple band that contains no diamonds or additional details. Typically, these traditional wedding rings for men are made in either plain gold or platinum. While yellow gold is the more traditional choice, some men do prefer the look of white gold. Additionally, as the color continues to gain popularity amongst both sexes, 14k and 18k rose gold wedding rings are available for men as well.

Diamond Wedding Rings For Men

platinum diamond wedding band for men
A men’s diamond wedding band in platinum

Men’s rings also now frequently feature diamonds, too. With a variety of styles ranging from single diamond bands to channel set diamond rings, men have nearly as many choices as women do these days. With men’s wedding rings available in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, there are plenty of choices available to suit the style of any man.

Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

rose gold men's wedding ring
Men’s wedding rings are now available in 18k rose gold

Finally, for men who prefer to add more flair to their rings, there are a number of options with contemporary design details. From masculine braids and milgrain accents to multiple finishes and even multiple metal tones, the variety of men’s wedding bands on the market allows every man to express his personality.

These days, men have more options for wedding rings than ever. At Adiamor, our varied selection of men’s wedding rings are designed to help you demonstrate your sense of style. To learn more about men’s wedding rings, visit our Wedding Ring Guide today.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

How To Choose A Man’s Wedding Ring

When it comes time to pick out the wedding bands, choosing the man’s wedding ring is always difficult. Although some chalk this up to men not caring about jewelry, others think men are unable to decide. Another issue that occurs is the man’s taste may differ drastically from his future bride’s. In many cases, choosing a man’s wedding ring comes down to simple comfort and making a few compromises. In order to help future newlyweds, this guide helps you choose the ring wedding band for your new husband.

Does His Ring Have To Match Her Ring?

A primary issue in selecting wedding bands is many people believe that the bride and groom’s ring must match exactly. This can make the process difficult, especially if the bride wants her ring to be part of a matched set. In these scenarios, it is possible that the groom ends up with a ring he wears solely out of obligation. To avoid this problem, give your future husband a little freedom to choose a ring he likes. Instead of an exact ring match, provide some direction based off your choice of wedding band. For example, if both your engagement ring and wedding band are white gold with complex, hand engraved designs, allow your man to choose either a simple white gold wedding band. Or allow him to choose a matching design in a different metal. While the rings won’t match exactly, they will compliment one another.

man's wedding ring
A comfort fit men’s wedding ring in 14k white gold

Comfort Truly Matters

Many men do not wear jewelry on a daily basis, but getting married means wearing a wedding ring every day. To help your future husband get used to wearing a wedding band, it is very important to choose a style that is comfortable for him. Many men’s wedding rings are designed with rounded edges which provides more comfort. Additionally, consider his career when choosing a man’s wedding ring. If he brings home the bacon by using his hands every day, he will need a ring that can easily be removed before getting his hands dirty. By choosing a comfortable band, you can be sure the band will return right back to his ring finger as soon as the job is done.

The Right Wedding Ring Is The One He’ll Enjoy Wearing

Overall, the best wedding ring for your future husband is the one he enjoys wearing all the time. If you have a particular style you are set on, try to find a happy middle ground that will allow him to wear a comfortable ring. Whether that means matching metals or giving him total freedom will depend on the couple. However, if you are having a difficult time compromising, there is one more possible solution: engraving. While you may have different tastes, having both of the wedding bands engraved on the inside provides a lasting connection. You could get some lyrics from the song of your first dance, a simple phrase, or even the date of your wedding. Just remember: no matter what ring he picks, he’s still your husband, and the symbolism of the eternal unbroken circle of love means way more than if your man’s wedding ring style matches.

If you are still having trouble, consult our Wedding Ring Guide today!