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Wedding Rings And Bands

Wedding Rings And Bands

Browse our collection of eternity bands, classic metal, and diamond ring styles for men and women. You're sure to find a wedding ring that is the perfect fit for your special day.

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  • Men's Wedding Rings

    Men's Wedding Rings

    Shop the best online selection of quality, handcrafted men's wedding bands and rings for your special day.

  • Women's Wedding Rings

    Women's Wedding Rings

    Search through our selection of eternity bands, classic metal and diamond ring styles to find your perfect wedding ring.

  • Matching Bridal Sets

    Matching Bridal Sets

    Shop our collection of matching engagement rings and wedding bands.

  • Diamond Wedding Bands

    Diamond Wedding Bands

    Find the perfect diamond wedding band for your special day. Shop thin diamond rings or your create your own diamond wedding band .

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  • Eternity Bands

    Eternity Bands

    Breathtaking eternity rings in pave, channel and shared-prong styles
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Wedding Ring and Band FAQ

What is the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

A wedding ring is a ring or band that is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. An engagement ring is given at the time of proposal as a promise to marry. Shop Wedding Bands

How do I select a wedding ring that sits flush with my engagement ring?

Finding a wedding band that sits flush with your engagement ring starts with the engagement ring design. Most of the rings at Adiamor are flush set, those that are not can be customized to be flush set if that is a concern. Flush set engagement rings will minimally increase the overall height of the engagement ring and are specifically built to accommodate a straight wedding band. Low basket settings and most 3 stone engagement rings are designed to sit close on the hand. These styles would require a custom shadow wedding ring in order to sit flush against the engagement ring. At Adiamor we can create the perfect custom wedding band for you. Learn More About Wedding Bands

Should a wedding band be worn on top of or under an engagement ring?

Traditionally a wedding band is worn on the ring finger under the engagement ring. This placement signifies the importance of the wedding band as it is closest to the heart of both parties and symbolic of the commitment made during the wedding ceremony. Learn More About Wedding Bands

Do a couple's wedding rings have to match?

Ultimately the most important factor in selecting wedding bands is personal taste. When selecting a wedding band, the choice should be more about the personal style of the wearer vs matching your partner's band exactly. Let's face it, you have to love your wedding band in order to wear it every day for the rest of your life. Learn More About Matching Wedding Rings

What is the best width for a men's wedding band?

When deciding on the width of a men's wedding band there are several things to consider. Narrow bands are typically more comfortable, especially for those that don't typically wear rings. Bands that are 4mm and under are on the narrow side. Bands that are 5mm-6mm wide are the most popular choice for a men's wedding band. Wider rings that are 7mm or more are usually selected based on personal preferences and style. When selecting a wider band you also need to consider the actual weight of the ring. The wider the ring, the heavier it will be. A dome style band or a men's wedding band with tapered edges will appear more narrow than a ring with flat edges. Buy Men's Wedding Bands