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French Cut Halo Collection

French Cut Halo Collection

"French cut" refers to the way the small pave diamonds are set into the metal. The diamond setter hand cuts small "V"s or "U's into the metal allowing the light to shine through each diamond with the ultimate sparkle.

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French Cut Halo Engagement Rings

French Cut Halo Engagement Rings

French Cut Pave setting style is meant to show as little metal as possible. Surrounding a center diamond with a halo in this setting style, enlarges the appearance of the center stone and maximizes the sparkle.

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    French Cut Halo Earrings

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  • French Cut Halo Pendants

    French Cut Halo Pendants

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French Cut Halo Diamond Jewelry

Are Halo Engagement Rings a Trend?

Halo engagement rings have been on trend for decades. Some of our favorite celebrity halo engagement rings include Princess Diana's sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring, Khole Kardashian's radiant halo ring and Sofia Vergara's dainty halo ring. The halos on these rings are very different from each other yet each one is elegant and have since become a classic look. So while you may consider Halo Engagement Rings a trend, we consider engagement rings with a halo classic beauties that will never go out of style. Halo Rings Learn More

What Is French Cut Pave?

French Cut Pave is a setting style in which the metal of the ring is hand carved into "U"s or "V's" in the exact size of the diamond that is being used. Prongs are formed at the top of the U or V and secure the diamond in place. This allows light to pass through more of the diamond which produces maximum sparkle and minimum appearance of metal. At Adiamor, this technique is completed entirely by hand and takes 2-3 times longer to complete than traditional pave. Learn More

What is a Diamond Halo?

A diamond halo is made of smaller diamonds encircling a larger center stone. At Adiamor, all of our diamond halos are custom made specifically to the size of the center stone that is being set. This guarantees a seamless fit. Learn More