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Wedding Planning Tips: How To Choose Your Groomsmen

by Chris W

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and many grooms will often hand over most of the planning to the future bride. While a groom may not care about place settings, there are some parts of wedding planning that a groom must handle. One of these things is choosing groomsmen. Although it may seem simple to text a couple buddies to see if they’d like to be in your wedding, the process is slightly more complicated. Groomsmen, especially the best man, have plenty of responsibilities. Plus, being in a wedding involves time, money, and travel. To make sure you get it right, check out this guide to how to choose your groomsmen.

Family First

When it comes to selecting your wedding party, the first rule to follow is include your family. If you have any brothers, they are part of your wedding party. However, one thing that gets tricky is if your partner has brothers. While they may not be your closest friends yet, they will be part of your family for the rest of your life. Any age appropriate brothers must be included in the wedding party in some fashion. If you are struggling to figure out how to include the whole family, selecting a couple of her brothers to be ushers is a smart compromise.


Only your closest friends and family are worthy of being groomsmen

Rank Your Friends

When it comes to picking out which friends will be groomsmen, the only option is to rank your friends. Your friends¬†will be there throughout your wedding day to help you keep your sanity, and the best man will be in charge of the¬†rings. However, a wedding party cannot include all of your 32 frat brothers and everyone you’ve shared a tee time with. Only the closest of friends are worthy of being groomsmen, so you’ll need to figure out who makes the cut. Conventional wisdom is that wedding parties should not include more than five people, so anyone who is beyond position five is not a candidate.

Once you have your groomsmen selected, you’re one step closer to getting married. However, remember to get your groomsmen a gift for being a part of your wedding day. Check out the groomsmen gifts from Adiamor today!


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