4.49 Carat K SI2 Pear Diamond GIA Certified 6167969636 Good Cut - D43847339

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Real Diamond Image
4.49 ct. Pear K SI2
Diamond Details - Side View
  • Depth %:
  • Table %:
  • Depth:
    5.13 mm
  • Girdle:
    Thin to Extremely Thick
  • Culet:
Diamond Details - Top View
  • Length:
    14.36 mm
  • Width: 9.90 mm

    4.49 ct.

    Pear Shaped Diamond

    Good Cut | K Color | SI2 Clarity

    Item #: D-43847339

    Bank Wire Price: $30,788
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    Ethically Sourced Natural Pear Shaped Diamonds

    At Adiamor, we adhere to a strict policy toward conflict free diamonds. All diamonds provided by Adiamor are obtained through legitimate sources, and are guaranteed to be natural, Earth created diamonds.

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    Diamond Details

    This is a 4.49 carat pear shape, K color, SI2 clarity natural diamond accompanied by a GIA grading report.

    This is a 4.49 carat pear shape, K color, SI2 clarity natural diamond accompanied by a GIA grading report.

    • Item Number
    • D-43847339
    • Carat Weight
    • 4.49
    • Shape
    • Pear
    • Cut
    • Good
    • Color
    • K
    • Clarity
    • SI2
    • Depth
    • 51.8%
    • Table
    • 56%
    • Polish
    • Good
    • Symmetry
    • Good
    • Girdle
    • Thin to Extremely Thick
    • Culet
    • None
    • Fluorescence
    • None
    • Measurements
    • 14.36 x 9.90 x 5.13mm
    • L/W Ratio
    • 1.45
    • Certified By
    • GIA
    • Certificate
    • 6167969636

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    • Estimated Ship Date: Tuesday, April 13

    • Shipping Method: FedEx Priority Overnight

    • 30-Day Return Policy: Adiamor believes in complete customer satisfaction. We gladly refund, replace or exchange any unworn item received back in our facility within 30 days.

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    Diamond Education


    • Fair
    • Good
    • Very Good
    • Excellent
    • F
    • G
    • VG
    • EX

    As determined by the GIA, this diamond has been cut to allow it to reflect most light that enters. A good cut is often significantly less expensive than a very good cut and is an acceptable choice for most jewelry.


    • K
    • J
    • I
    • H
    • G
    • F
    • E
    • D

    This diamond, when cut to ideal proportions, produces a warm brilliance not found in the higher grade colors. As the least expensive diamonds in the near-colorless range, J-color diamonds present the best value in diamond color, so you can buy a larger diamond for the price. Note: If this diamond has medium or strong blue fluorescence, its slight tint will be partially masked, making the diamond appear whiter to the eye.


    • SI2
    • SI1
    • VS2
    • VS1
    • VVS2
    • VVS1
    • IF
    • FL

    Slightly Included: Inclusions are easily visible under 10 x magnifications to an experienced gemologist and may be visible to the unaided eye. Typical SI inclusions are crystals, clouds, and feathers. SI1 clarity stones may, in rare cases, contain eye-visible inclusion. You’ll see eye-visible inclusions more often in a SI2 clarity stone.

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