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Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds exhibit the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics of natural diamonds. Either search our inventory or select your shape, carat weight and color then let our experts will select the best lab grown option within your range.

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Lab Grown Diamonds

Are the accent diamonds in Adiamor Engagement Ring Settings lab grown?

No, all of the accent diamonds in our engagement ring settings are all natural and ethically sourced. At this time we are only offering lab grown diamonds as a center diamond alternative. The diamond information for each setting is listed on the ring detail page. Engagement Ring Settings

Can I customize a lab grown diamond engagement ring?

Absolutely! You can design your own lab grown diamond engagement ring from scratch or select one of our in-house designed engagement ring settings and customize it. Your setting will be made to order, specifically according to the specifications of the lab grown diamond that is being used for the center stone. Design Custom Engagement Ring