emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Fun Engagement Party Games

The couple that decides to throw an engagement party to announce their pending nuptials to family and friends may find themselves facing a long to-do list. There are cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to arrange, decorations to purchase and place, possibly a dinner to be catered, and all of this is only leading up to the main event: the announcement. Of course, many engagement parties these days actually occur after the happy couple has announced their impending union, which means you may also be on the hook for entertainment. If you’re looking for a way to keep your guests grinning until the main event (the toast), then here are just a few games to get the party started.

1. Newlywed game. They may not be married quite yet, but it’s never too soon to test their intimate knowledge of one another. As long as the people creating the questions skirt touchy subjects (like past relationships, stints in the clink – hey, we were all stupid kids once – and starting a family) it should be a hilarious peek into the private lives of the lovebirds.

2. Ring toss. This will not involve making the bride chuck her engagement ring around the room, so don’t worry about losing the precious rock. Instead, the bride will be given rings of some sort (doughnuts are a good option since they’re soft) and blindfolded. She must then toss the rings onto the groom’s upheld finger (he could also hold a stick of some sort to make it easier) with only his guidance to tell her where to toss. At worst, the groom gets pelted (always fun) and at best she lands him on the first try!

3. Forbidden words. As guests mingle and get to know each other, give them each a token of some kind. The goal is to collect as many tokens as possible and to do so guests much catch others using forbidden words related to the couple, which could include items like wedding, bride, groom, engagement, and so on. The person with the most tokens at the end of a set time period gets a prize.

4. Wedding Taboo. Create a number of cards with specific words related to the couple or their upcoming wedding. Have each table form up into two groups and then guess the word on the card with clues given by another team member. The caveat, of course, is that the team member reading the card cannot say the word (or five related words) while giving clues.

5. Who’s who. Breaking the ice can be hard, especially when mingling two families, so help guests get to know each other by asking each to provide you with some wacky facts about themselves before the shindig. Print up fact sheets (sans names) and tell guests to try to find out which facts go with which guests by asking questions. Of course, they can’t actually use any of the key words listed. For example, if one guest rode a barrel over Niagara Falls, others couldn’t use the words barrel or Niagara Falls in their questioning. Instead they would have to ask things like, “Have you ever been to New York State?” or “Do you participate in water sports?” for example. At the end, award a prize to the person who gets the most facts straight.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Top Grammy Jewelry Looks

The Grammys are known throughout the entertainment industry as the show where performers can get away with sporting some pretty wild fashion ensembles (Lady Gaga never fails to wow with her wild stabs at Avant garde haute couture). The stars that strut the red carpet go all out with their get-ups for this night of fun and frivolity and there’s no exception when it comes to the jewelry they select to complement their bizarre fashions. Here are just a few of the faves from the 2011 Grammy’s.

The night was rife with huge earrings and even bigger bracelets, as starlets eschewed the collars that dominated the red carpet during the last awards season. In fact, it seemed that nary an actress was to be seen sporting much neckwear (unless you count Nicki Minaj and her head-to-toe leopard print). The cast of Glee took their place of prominence with a spate of gorgeous ensembles: Dianna Agron spiced up a spare black dress with a chunky, iridescent black cuff and black drop earrings that brushed her shoulders (courtesy of House of Lavande) while Lea Michele sported nothing more than a gorgeously bejeweled black cuff with accents in pink and green by Lorainne Schwartz.

Miley Cyrus also donned some appropriately blingy accessories by Lorainne Schwartz, namely in the form of several studded cuffs that covered half her forearm, as did Kim Kardashian, wearing dazzling gold-and-diamond hoops and a large snake cuff of the same materials, and Selena Gomez, decked out in dazzling disc earrings in diamonds (with a golden central stone) and a couple of smaller cuffs. It seems as though the stars had a running theme surrounding Schwartz’s jewelry, and her blingy and overstated style did nothing if not sparkle on the red carpet.

Other notables included J-Lo, who paired Cartier diamond drop earrings and rings with her highly reflective mini dress, Eva Longoria, who opted for elaborate gold chandelier earrings from Loree Rodkinand to stand out against her ruffled collar, and Katy Perry, never one to shy from public criticism, who showed up with a bejeweled bustier (studded with Swarovski crystals) paired with some quirky Thomas Sabo rings (not surprising, considering she was recently named their first spokesmodel), as well as her recently acquired wedding band (a mixture of champagne, cognac, and yellow diamonds set in darkened platinum).